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Dear Freshmen Roommate,

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s start with the good news, maybe soften the blow…

First of all, you are not the worst. 786 more words

Teen Drama: Senior Year

I recently sat down with two high school seniors who were interviewing me. Their assignment was to gain insight from someone who has lived the college life and advice they would offer up in regards to some set questions. 366 more words

#9. High Table Dinner 2

Two days after reading week, Chi Sun had another High Table Dinner. Our guest speaker was Mr. Leong Chong, who is the Executive Director of Charities and Community, from The Hong Kong Jockey Club. 168 more words


Fall Update Part 2

Hey guys!

So, I figured that I need to write again and I’ve come up with a solution!

Once a week, I will be writing articles that are about music or food! 51 more words

Dorm Life

Keeping UP with Dorm Life

When you come from a province, especially from the Visayas and/or Mindanao regions, and are planning to study in UP, finding a place to stay should be your top priority. 748 more words


So, what’s this RISE thing you're always talking and posting about?

By Marie Clark

For the past year and a half, I’ve been getting that question weekly from people who see I’m geeked up about a cool community event or hear me say “I live in Bailey, the dorm with the greenhouse next to it.” That’s the statement that makes everyone stop in their tracks. 662 more words

What Is RISE?

Wise Fools: Toto, I’ve Got a Feeling We’re Not in Keeney Anymore

Hello prospective students, confused current students, and lost surfers of the web. Welcome to Wise Fools, where I address the ins and outs of being a sophomore at Brown University. 593 more words

Wise Fools