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I want that too

Living in a building with 45 other girls, my life has become a crazy ride. I love the girls that live on my floor. It’s been fantastic having my best friends always a ten second walk away. 558 more words


Dorm Room Survival Guide

Hey yall!

As the semester is coming to a close and moveout is quickly approaching I’m realizing how much stuff I actually was able to pack into this tiny place. 391 more words

TMC's S.O.A.Pbox -- By Keylin Portillo

The smell of popcorn begged TMC students to enter the C. W. Smith lounge on the night of March 17. As they walked in, they witnessed C3 Unity’s display of the semester’s S.O.A.Pbox. 649 more words


Becoming more social part 4

After coming back from my yearlong exchange program in Japan, I noticed I had changed quite a bit.  I was back in the dorms and instead of keeping to myself, I found myself chatting with pretty much anybody.  506 more words

On my Bucket List: Make a Bucket List

Hey everyone I hope you all enjoyed the first beautiful weekend of spring! With all of the sun shining and people actually out of the dorms it made me think of everything I wanted to do this summer and by the end of college. 350 more words


Sweet Merciful Freedom

I have found myself in a position to spend more than a few weeks at home, after five semesters, summers included of living on campus. I will in fact, be home for the duration of the summer semester, hopefully on co-op, though I try not to think about that. 248 more words

Dorm Life

Room Selection...

I go to a college where more than 95% of the students live on campus. I also go to a college that is trying to expand their student population and doesn’t actually have enough space for everyone. 286 more words