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The Waiting Game

It’s not like anyone expects to have great internet when living at a dormitory, but you still expect it to be somewhat useful.

Well… ours isn’t: you can barely browse anything, even Wikipedia loads slowly. 110 more words

Dorm Life

Summer Vacation and Homesickness

This is the first post from my daughter. I hope to have more thoughts from the “front lines” as the year progress! Let us know what you think! 670 more words

Dorm Life

Lack of sleep as a lifestlye.

Lately it’s been pretty hard for me to find any sleep. Not that it’s unexpected, as five guys share the same room, but at the same time it’s not something that you’d want to happen to you. 54 more words

Dorm Life

Dorms vs. Private Certified Housing vs. Apartments

By Rachel King

There are so many different living spaces on the Illinois campus that it is just easier to organize them into three broad categories: dorms, private certified housing, and apartments. 971 more words


Finding Effectiveness in the Bath

I need to address the fact that I am currently a college student in her first year; like most students, I am required to live in the dorms for the first year. 323 more words


Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a George School Student

by Alice Ke ’19

1. You call teachers by their first name!

Hey Kevin! Hey Faith! Relationships with teachers are casual and friendly. You might see them as a teacher or a mentor in the classroom, but they are also there for you as a friend. 479 more words


Dina Emilio

Itong mga isda namin ang kukulit. Di ko alam kung agit na ba silang magkasama sa iisang aquarium or what. Pero hindi eh, baka kasi magpatayan lang sila at sa huli, kami rin ang magsisi. 271 more words

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