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The night before I felt different sorts of shame and hatred all at once. Shame for succumbing to fear when I have long supported the causes of women activists, including empowerment, and call myself a feminist even. 397 more words

Dorm Life

1 Month Update

It has been awhile, but I can proudly say I have survived my first month abroad! It seems like after the second week ended time began to fly by and before I knew it (and believe me I’ve been counting) it was mid March. 708 more words

Dorm Life

You sure you don't want to go to Happy Acres?

I noticed when I was looking for assisted living quarters for my mother-in-law, that none of the residents seemed to share a cup of tea or a television show in their own apartments. 652 more words

bath towels

If you catch me in a bath towel, I will not bat an eye.

Plenty of people have seen me “bath towel naked.”

Allow me to explain. 1,360 more words

Dorm Room Breakfast

We all have those mornings when you just do not want to get out of bed and face the day. For some of us, those are all too often. 153 more words

Dorm Room Tour 2017

Words cannot fathom how much I love Target and Hobby Lobby. How many of you love to just buy “stuff?” You know… just small things that are decorative and have no real purpose, but to help make your room look good. 958 more words

COLLABORATION POST: Cooking in a DePaul dorm

**NOTE** This post also appears on The Producer as part of a collaboration project.

Taking a brief break from reviews to let my wallet recuperate! Instead, let’s talk cooking. 235 more words