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SU Cribz with Dean Greenwood: Roni's Roost 102B

In The Buzz’s new series, SU Cribz, reporter Dean Greenwood is showing the best and most unique dorm rooms, apartments, and living spaces housed by Shenandoah University students—on and off campus.


Quiet Student Revolution

I have read Susan Cain’s Quiet. I have come to really appreciate my introverted personality, quirks and all. But unfortunately, some people and places do not acknowledge or appreciate those who prefer a little peace and quiet. 983 more words


The time I almost burned our dorm down...

Dear Ally,

Just a short story about sophomore shenanigans for some stress relief for today’s post.

My sophomore and junior years I lived in the exact same dorm room with the roommate that I would live with my entire last three years of college. 544 more words

10 Links for Greening Your Lifestyle

This is a guest post by Michelle Peng, who collected these resources on realistic ways to go green in everyday life.

Save About $600 per Year by Switching to Solar Energy… 179 more words


Keeping Students Healthy

Getting sick at home is no fun, but getting sick at college—without mom or dad there to bring cough syrup, chicken soup, and sympathy—is way worse! 24 more words

10 Things I've Learned By Living In a Dorm

What I do instead of Music homework: blog.

Greetings, squadlings!

As you all know, I’ve officially transferred out of my community college and into a four-year university! 631 more words

Life as a Boarder: A Reflection

by Bea Feichtenbiner ’19

Life in the dorms is nothing like I expected. Coming to George School, I was terrified. What if I didn’t like my roommate or what if she didn’t like me? 455 more words