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The Golden Pavilion

The first night in Kyoto was a cold one.

The rain had soaked me mercilessly during that first, grey day, and in spite of changing into dry clothes, the lack of heating in… 830 more words


Team Activity (チーム活動) Numberrrr one

Lately there are more and more rules in the dorm, the new staff chànges things.
1. Suddenly there is an ‘International Day’ every month to improve the relationship between foreigners and Japanese. 425 more words


Surviving Your Freshmen Roommate

Hey there!

Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life. College is supposedly when your life takes a turn for the better and everything is supposed to fall into place and be great (I’m still waiting on the results, I’ll let you know). 541 more words


Letters From a Girl Who Just Finished Her Freshman Year of College

By Jordann Marinelli 

These two letters were inspired by me moving out of my dorm room to return home. Home, in Florida, was different than the way I left it, and next year, my dorm room will be different too. 638 more words

Freshman Post #6: The Most Useful Items to Have in Your Dorm

Hello! It’s been a while. I got into Pinterest again, began to go through my “College” board, and figured that a lot of the stuff I pinned was actually useful! 815 more words


Things I've learned from my college experience

Dorm life is not for everyone. Trust me. I started my college career at a university that was roughly two and a half hours away. And contrary to what my family thinks, the distance was not the issue. 695 more words


Dorm DIYS #2

Welcome to the second part of my dorm diys. In this part, I’ve tried out some interior trends that are easy to recreate, from wall art to lighting! 293 more words