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MIT Shuts Down A Dorm, And Grapples With Its Identity

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Jonathan Hunt

On Friday, June 8, Apple chief executive Tim Cook gave the commencement speech at MIT, my alma mater. He talked about the need to “empower the crazy ones—the misfits, the rebels and the troublemakers, the round pegs and the square holes—to do the best work.” The goal? 2,436 more words

Money Matters

Dorm Life at Boys' State

City Life

Every Boys’ State Attendee will be given a city and a county, the city determines which dorm you reside in. Every morning you prepare for Physical Training with your city, making racks brushing teeth and hygienic things. 105 more words

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Parents, don't skip (orientation) class!

Last week I attended two college orientation experiences—the first one as a mom of a rising freshman and the second sitting on a panel of “seasoned” parents and college experts, offering advice to parents of incoming first year students. 384 more words


流浪了一年了 北藝的生活也熟悉了。

大家都沉睡了 只有我還是清醒的,



下學期很棒,很忙。上學期最大的mistake就是不承認自己,所以這次我打算好好做自己。我接受了成長是必須的過程,I’m not smart,梅子也說了,蘇菲上課時好時壞但是非常的積極,不過往往不是最聰明的方式去演戲。下學期我接了學長姐的case,班上的四部片也都去幫忙了。 對,場記小神童是我。 為什麼非得搞得快死了才能得到一點認同?



by Eda Acierto

(We are re-posting the the article on Eureka Joy Bueno, a loyal dormitory resident who stayed at the Kapatiran dormitory from 1997 to 2014 as part of the 67th Founding Anniversary celebration. 391 more words

Life Skills for College Students: How to Organize Paperwork

As the days move closer to our daughter’s move-in day, I start to get a little worried that we haven’t taught her all the life skills she’ll need when she’s off to college. 613 more words