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dorm decor on a budget.

Before I even stepped foot into my first dorm Freshman year of college I already knew just how to decorate it. My personal style is kinda chic gold/basic/functional; it’s honestly weird. 411 more words

Unknown cause sends 30 Humber College students to hospital


It’s still unclear why 30 Humber College students wound up in hospital overnight, say school officials.

“We are encouraging students to practice good hand hygiene and to take care of themselves,” dean of students Jen McMillen told reporters Friday. 290 more words


From the roof tops

Sometime during the heavy snowfall (and subsequent snow-days) of the winter of 2015 I decided the roof of the unused building across from Callahan was disappointingly bleak (perhaps I was suffering cabin-fever?). 43 more words

Life in Residence

University is a great life experience. You get to learn lots in fields that you are interested in, you get to meet lots of new people, and you get to live in a small room with someone that you most likely will not get along with. 598 more words


Spring Play Auditions for "DORM and Other Four-Letter Words"

FSU Theatre will be hosting auditions for the Spring play on January 17th and 18th in Williams Auditorium from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Drop in any time during this time frame on either of the two days. 44 more words


Living in a Japanese Dorm

私の留学プログラムには寮かそれともホストファミリーにどちらでも住めますが、プログラムが始まった頃は東京でインターンシップをしている間に2ヶ月でアパートに一人暮らしていたばかりなので、もう東京の生活に慣れてたと思って、寮に住んだほうがいいと決めました。その上に、高校生として日本に留学した時にもうホストファミリーと一緒に住んでおり、問題が全然なかったし、一人暮らしよりもホームステイが特典もあっても、東京にいるうちに自由を持ち続けたくて、寮を選んだのです。In my study abroad program, you can either live in a dorm or with a host family. Since I would have just been getting done with my summer internship in Tokyo where I was living alone in an apartment for two months, I figured that it would be better to just live in a dorm as I would have already been used to the single life in Tokyo. 800 more words


Why living in a dorm is good for you

It teaches you responsibility and independence

Living in a dorm is a trial run for living on your own post your university phase. You suddenly run your own household and you are solely responsible for all the chores and satisfying your needs. 326 more words