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Roommate Tips to Save your Sanity

Roommates; blessings or nightmares? If you’re going to live in a dorm at college then it’s most likely that you are going to have a roommate and if you are way out of luck; maybe even two (I truly am sorry for you). 437 more words


7 Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean and Organized

Keeping your dorm room clean and organized has many benefits that cannot be disregarded. For instance, it gives you a much more productive learning environment and it provides you with a much better quality of rest. 765 more words

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Tips for Living with Roommates 

1. Don’t. Ok, so I am mostly kidding but also lowkey.. I am not kidding. The best way to not deal with roommates is to live alone. 428 more words


Comforter or Duvet?

In my house, this was the headliner questions when shopping for bedding. Comforter or Duvet…. Making the decision wasn’t easy, but by making a pros and cons list, I was able to judge the two side by side and the choice became a lot easier. 293 more words


Having Trouble Finding Twin XL?

One of the many struggles while college dorm shopping, I found, was find anything in the size Twin XL. Bedding bundles had Twin XL but for someone like myself who wanted a more simple style at a lower price it was difficult. 281 more words


Dos and donts to decor

Just moved out? Are you feeling homesick? Or if not, fed up with staring at the four dull walls of your uni bedroom? I’ve got just the trick. 669 more words

Neha's Take on Organization

Hello fellow readers! I’m back with a fury. A vengeance! No, not really. I’m just back with more on how college is going. And more specifically, some tips and perspectives on organization. 421 more words