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Second entry on Wien; Philharmoniker, lab work, and Franz

I was applying mascara in my room this morning when I saw my gray hair. It lives in my bangs and sometimes lies very prominently, right in the middle of my forehead. 1,101 more words

Life at Mouse-Height

Every field is a jungle when you stand two inches tall.

Short-tailed field voles are more common than people in the UK, but far harder to spot because they spend their lives within dense grass. 245 more words


Autumn dormousing

It’s been an amazing few months at my dormouse site, with lots of breeding and therefore lots of bouncy baby dormice to record.

August was a remarkable box check as we found nearly every stage of dormice (pinkies, greys whose eyes have not yet opened, greys with eyes open, older juveniles, adult testes scrotal males, adult females (lactating, pregnant)). 319 more words


Countryfile comes to Tewin Orchard

The orchard received yet more special visitors last week, when BBC Countryfile came to film the badgers for the Countryfile Autumn Special. 343 more words

The Dormouse (pt 5)

I realized while working on the timeline that little Abram Garfield would have been born just as this serial is supposed to have started – almost to the day. 1,402 more words


A Dormouse

Little words

allow for big dreams to flourish.

Each space is a flower bed

waiting for a seed,

for a sprout,

for a sprig,

that will spring up through the dirt. 85 more words


Dormouse Chocolate St. Vincent 70% Cocoa Nibs & Sea Salt 88/100

This bar is made with trinitario beans from St. Vincent and the Grenadines a Windward Island between Grenada and St. Lucia. Once harvested they’re shipped to the Old Grenada Studios in Manchester where Isobel and Karen turn them into one of their single origin chocolate bars. 653 more words