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Dormouse Chocolates Colombia Arauca 80% 88/100

This bar is made with criollo and trinitario beans from the north east corner of Colombia near the Venezuelan border. Once harvested they’re shipped to the Old Grenada Studios in Manchester where Isobel and Karen turn them into one of their single origin chocolate bars. 578 more words

Dormouse Chocolates Venezuela Trincheras 70% 91.5/100

Las Trincheras is a cacao growing town, down the inland road from Puerto Cabello situated in the high altitude rainforest hills of the northern Venezuelan coast. 583 more words

Dormouse box check, July 2017

We had a fantastic dormouse box check at my site this month, finding six sleepy juveniles and an active adult.

Juveniles are this year’s young, aged at least 28 days and weighing more than 10g. 363 more words



On the 20th of June, in a secluded Warwickshire wood, something special was happening…

If you were to go back to 300 years ago, you probably would have been able to go out into one of our many woodland areas and find the hazel dormouse, sadly though, this is no longer the case. 588 more words

Mabel Finds her Voice in Za-ram /dar

Up into the sky, past the northern star,

A light year away, is the Land of Za-ram/dar.

It’s a jungle of a land where all the trees grow, … 1,402 more words

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Some more freemotion embroidery 

I have been having fun with freemotion again today – will be at Bradford on Avon on Saturday.

Mind you there is lots of distraction outside my window!

Free Motion Embroidery

My dormouse research presentation, and a cheeky published paper

I ventured into Liverpool on Friday for a PhD interview for this project, at the Institute of Integrative Biology. I was pleasantly surprised by the city, and I did get to see a few of the sites on my walk to and from the car. 217 more words