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The Furnace Place Dormouse Project: connecting a community with the sleepy woodland (?) citizen

After a busy week of hedgerows, harvest mice and River’s Week planning, time to relax…with a Dormouse Box Check!

9am in the woods at Furnace Place Estate (FPE), I met with Margaret, Wendy, Alan Mary and Nigel from the… 832 more words


Dormouse box check, August 16

As we assembled for this month’s box check I was in two minds about whether to go ahead with it. It was raining, which isn’t ideal, as you don’t want any disturbed dormice getting soggy (their fur isn’t waterproof). 593 more words


How I Write

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on the question of how I write, and I’ve come to this conclusion:

I write like I’m five years old. 643 more words


August 2016 Survey


We attempted an extra survey on Friday 19th August, additional to the those we usually carry out in May, June, September and October. We were hoping to learn more about dormouse breeding behaviour by capturing and chipping animals born early this year. 119 more words

July 2016 Dormouse Box Check

July’s dormouse box check got off to a good start. As I looked into my first box of the day, a lively dormouse appeared.

By the time I had got the box off the tree, into the bag, the dormouse had turned shy, burrowing beneath the nest. 253 more words


Finding the Fox

As mentioned in my last post, I have recently been bought a wildlife camera which has come! At uni, we were given a camera to set up and we had to write a report and were assessed on our camera trap set up abilities and report writing skills. 193 more words