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Swift spring catch up

It’s been a busy few months! As you can see below there’s been some baking, some bats and some dormouse box checks.

I’m back up north now, and every bit as busy as I was in full time employment – looking for the next challenge, carrying out a training regime aimed at strengthening my back, and conducting some initial research for a dormouse based proposal. 15 more words



As a young child
& thereabouts
little Barry Wellywanger
was terrified
of Dormice

He saw a picture of one once
in a dog-eared copy
of Hibernating Rodent Monthly
& he wrongfully assumed
that they were much larger than they really are
-probably borderline Blue Whale-esque-ish
-if not bigger
-Bloody Hell! 25 more words


A little sleepy Dormouse is hiding somewhere
She is trying to avoid some big affairs
We can´t say she fears that cruel big world
But maybe she feels better in her small teapot? 39 more words


Dormouse box cleaning at my new site

I woke up really early on Saturday, I was so excited about checking and cleaning the dormouse boxes at my new site. It’s the first box check I’ve done since… 272 more words