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May 2016 Survey


The weather forecast for Wednesday 18th May predicted rain but it turned out to be a fine day with only a single sharp shower just before lunch. 69 more words

What I found at my dormouse site in 2015

I have been meaning for ages to look at how dormice, woodmice and birds used different parts of my site over the course of last year. 124 more words


The Dormouse

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once asked. Actually, sometimes more than you would ever imagine. If you are a very shy eight-year old at summer riding camp for the first time and without a single person you know, a name (in this case, a nickname) can change your world. 505 more words

Stories From Childhood

Dormouse box check April 2016: cold and wet

One of the advantages of surveying for dormice is that usually the weather’s pretty good. Dormice hibernate all winter, so we don’t check the boxes during the coldest months. 624 more words


Hazelnut, one careful nibbler

On finding this nibbled hazelnut, I was at first excited at the possibility that it might have been discarded by dormice.  The toothmarks on the rim are at right-angles to the hole, and there are scratches around the nut surface.   46 more words

Who Lives In Our Wood?

Hazel dormouse nest box

A few hours of the long Easter weekend were spent knocking together some dormouse nest boxes.

The dormouse officer at the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has summarised dormouse distribution studies on his useful website: 203 more words


Creative Catch Up

I’ve been busy with the felt again over the last few months. I made a mushroom keyring instead of a brooch this time, for my mycologist uncle, so he can clip it to his coat zip pull. 72 more words