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Dormouse Survey

I was invited out on Saturday to join a small team to go into the Spring Wood and Millennium Wood, Ipswich, to survey the Dormouse… 323 more words


Dormouse Box Check October 2016: dormouse activity in new areas of the site

After last month’s brilliant box check, I was hopeful that we’d see lots of dormice this month. I was expecting the seven youngsters we found in one box to now have separated and set up their own homes nearby. 508 more words


Home sweet home

It’s October and breeding season is finished so it seemed safe to check the dormouse boxes for signs of summer activity.  From October dormice leave the canopy and hibernate in nests beneath the leaf litter on the forest floor.   124 more words

What Lives In The Wood?

September 2016 Survey


We had a good turn out of volunteers on 15th September, especially in the morning when the party was swelled by three youngsters, brought along by their father as part of their home-schooling. 362 more words

Dormouse box check September 2016: lifting Sophie's curse

I was very excited about this month’s dormouse box check, after the promising signs last month, finding a pregnant dormouse and a young family. I was expecting to find boxes of bouncy young dormice, ready to explode out like jack-in-the-boxes as soon as the lid was removed. 608 more words


Dining on Dormouse

Bowl of charred figs & olives from Pompeii – Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Photo by cjverb (Aug, 2016)

Today we continue our trip through the ruins of Pompeii (courtesy of the… 444 more words


The Furnace Place Dormouse Project: connecting a community with the sleepy woodland (?) citizen

After a busy week of hedgerows, harvest mice and River’s Week planning, time to relax…with a Dormouse Box Check!

9am in the woods at Furnace Place Estate (FPE), I met with Margaret, Wendy, Alan Mary and Nigel from the… 832 more words