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Dormouse Duckies & Daisies Nursery for Enigma Babies

18 Pieces

Fulfill your nesting necessities at the Eclectic Elephant

Animated furnishings for singles and couples, no poseballs

Polished woods

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Enigma Linens Included

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Week 13: Brushcutter Training & a Mushroom Boom!

It’s back to being a busy week this week and it all kicked off with a trip to Devon with staff from the Mid-Dorset team, where we joined the… 693 more words

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Dormice! Bouncy baby dormice!

Please excuse the excessive exclamation marks in the title of this post. I am just rather excited about the dormouse box check at my site this month. 506 more words


Friday Haiku: Snoozy

Such a cuddle ball
Warm, safe, and so toasty dry
Dormouse in a nest

(BBC Earth via Michelle W.)

Nature | Path of dormouse

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By azakinf

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Weeks 8 & 9: Bats, a lobster, a dormouse and a chainsaw!

Phew! This has certainly been the most exhausting two weeks of my traineeship so far! I’ve done so much that I haven’t had the time to blog, so apologies for the long catch-up post, though hopefully the photos will keep you interested! 926 more words

Dorset Wildlife Trust

August dormousing: a new nest

August is firmly into dormouse breeding season, so it’s always an exciting month to check boxes. Added to the usual suspense of will there be a sweet dormouse in this box, is the added possibility of even sweeter baby dormice. 446 more words