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Dorothy Allison at Tin House

Dorothy Allison is one of my critical writers … a writer I need in the world.

Dorothy Allison at Tin House

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Where you from, Honey?

In eighth grade I first began to make a studied, conscious effort at enunciation, to pronounce the g at the end of going, or fixing, while at the same time avoiding “fixing” when I meant “about to,” as in, “I’m fixing to go to the store.” I did not want to sound poor or uneducated. 924 more words

“I cannot abide a story told to me by a numb, empty voice that never responds to anything that’s happening, that doesn’t express feelings in response to what it sees.

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Art and books

I love a good read and I do judge my books by their cover. So when I find a beautiful book with nice art on the cover or some awesome illustration; I’m in heaven. 460 more words


Google Search: 'I Can't Get It Up'

The following story is based on Dorothy Allison’s 1995 memoir, Two Or Three Things I Know for Sure and was for my Women’s Gender Studies course. 991 more words


Embracing Hindrances - Week 3 Asha

I have begun to follow Bushra Rehman’s Readings & Workshops Blog. In her entry titled “Two Truths and a Lie: Writing Autobiographical Fiction”, which went with a lot of what I wrote about in last week’s blog post, she proposed tactics or methods, and examined dilemmas, for lack of a better word, that made me think a bit more about not only what I am writing, but also what I want to come out of it and where I want it to go. 634 more words

Literature And Poetry

Relentless Files -- Week 7

*An essay every Friday of 2016 – delayed this week due to illness but better late than never, right?*

The first time I attempted to write this—my Week 7 Relentless Files essay—I was still a bit feverish but convinced that I could push through it. 3,373 more words