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Princess Principal Episode 10: A Brief Reunion


This episode definitely went for a darker tone and spent a great deal of time setting up a situation just to make it hurt when it got to the inevitable end of the line. 195 more words

Princess Principal Episode 10: Class Reunion

Princess Principal‘s 10th episode covers case 22, in which Ange, Dorothy and Beatrice spend their Christmas carrying out a mission. Their mission has them meet with an old acquaintance. 791 more words


Soundtrack to Life On Purpose

One of the most beautiful things about music is that it can ignite a fire inside and break the glass box you’ve placed yourself in. For me personally, there were a few songs that I am in debt to, because they were the metaphorical hands that grabbed me and shook me out of my trance-like state that I often found myself in during my year on autopilot. 871 more words


Princess Principal Episode 9: Culture Shock

Princess Principal‘s ninth episode is the eleventh case, and the focus is on Chise this time around. The episode is set fairly soon after Chise’s arrival in London, so we get to see how she adjusted to life in England. 867 more words


Princess Principal Episode 8: I'm Empty

Princess Principal‘s 8th episode covers case 20. The mission the girls embark upon is a fairly simple one, so a large part of this episode is devoted to the younger years of Princess and Ange. 871 more words


Stranger Territories: A Review of Jen George's THE BABYSITTER AT REST

The Babysitter at Rest, by Jen George. St. Louis, Missouri: Dorothy, a publishing project, October 2016. 168 pages. $16.00, paper.

The Babysitter at Rest… 1,713 more words

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Princess Principal Episode 7: Dirty Laundry

Man, that title might just be the most obvious one could go with for this particular episode. The actual episode title, ‘Loudly Laundry’ is somewhat better. 940 more words