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The Beauty of Home

“There’s no place like home.”

Pinterest explodes with homey decorations, scented candles and teacups, pop culture Judy Garland posters, and glittery red everything (nails, bows, pillows, lip-gloss, and shoes, lots and lots of shoes) at these famous words from  670 more words


On Leaving "Home"

The old adage says, “Home is where the heart is”…..or maybe that’s just Dorothy trying to leave Oz….either way….home has meant a lot of things for me in the last 20 years but this time, it just feels different. 446 more words

Teacup Tuesday: Tacky Vintage Mug!

I’ve been busy the last 6 weeks looking after the kids through the summer holidays so I’ve not managed to post any teacups. Today they were supposed to be back at school but their dreams came true when the school text to say there has been a burst pipe and school will not be open for a few more days! 71 more words



You know when something happens and it is really really good but then your camera decides to be a dick and not play fair? Yeah that is me right now. 248 more words


For Toddler Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume

Some great ideas for Halloween costumes mainly for elderly peopleCelebrating the favorite festival Halloween is no long restricted to any specific age now. Hence, you get cool Halloween… 328 more words

Little Girls Dorothy Costume Infant Sizes 12 Ages

Also to be found in al shops are the Halloween sexy costumes for men. They come in the style of cowboy costume, jungle man costume, gladiator costume, Greek warrior costume, Roman soldier costume, royal sultan adult costume, sexy policeman Halloween costume, Egyptian harem costume, sexy gangster costume, sexy highlander costume, Roman Hunk costume, Pharaoh costume, Barbarian costume, sexy cave man costume, Egyptian god costume, adult Scott… 188 more words