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Great crested newt: a national treasure

This may not be the greatest of photographs but I do not have an underwater camera (yet!). This is, however, something of a special picture for me as this it was taken the first and only time in nearly forty years of nature watching that I saw (let alone photographed) a great crested newt… 235 more words


Yellow Horned-Poppy: stone me

I never ceased to be amazed by nature! The yellow horned-poppy (Glaucium flavum) grows in the shingle you find on beaches, just how amazing is it that plants can not just survive but actually thrive in what appears to be a totally inhospitable environment. 175 more words


82e - Church Ope Cove to Portland Bill

As we walked south from Church Ope Cove I felt that the landscape was almost Mediterranean.  We were completely alone.  The sky was a blistering blue and glared off the limestone cliffs.  432 more words


One runner, one goal.... Mission A is on!

So, having failed to get into the London marathon for the third year in a row, I’ve decided that the only way I’m ever going to get a place is to pull my finger out and run a good for age time. 471 more words

Marathon Running

Danish scurveygrass: life in the fast lane

Scurvygrass will be well known by name, if not by sight, as we all learn about Nelson, the history of the Navy, tots of rum and the scurvy when we are at junior school, it is part of our heritage! 190 more words


Meadow Barley: Sir John Barleycorn

It is easy to forget that our vital cereal crops have been developed from wild grasses. When you look at meadow barley (Hordeum secalinum… 185 more words


Cows & Other Hazards

I had a good deal of friendly conversations with strangers while in England, and when it inevitably emerged that I was travelling alone, I was often met with raised eyebrows and a “wow, you’re brave.” 1,142 more words