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Curlew: the beak almighty!

The curlew (Numenius arquata) is a common bird on the mud flats of Poole and Christchurch harbours although at high tide, when it cannot feed, it is forced up on to neighbouring rough pasture.  172 more words


Thuidium tamariscinum: the tamarisk moss

It is a shame that the ‘leaves’ of Thuidium tamariscinum are so small as individually they are so delicate and finely made and are rarely appreciated.   182 more words


Bright and breezy on the Dorset coast

A bright and blustery Sunday morning on the beach at Sandbanks, Dorset.


Squinancywort: fighting tonsillitis

Squinancywort (Asperula cynanchica) is surely an odd name for a flower? It is certainly a unique label and one that helps ensure the name is not forgotten when the flower is found in the wild. 167 more words


Red fox: Top dog!

The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) has probably got me in to more arguments than any other creature apart from, perhaps, the magpie! I seem to be in a minority of one but it people (well ‘country folk’) love to hate the fox and can provide ample justification to hunt it down and kill it.  168 more words


9. Go on a stargazing trip

As most of you know, I did a couple of stargazing courses at Greenwich Observatory at the start of this year, which made me feel incredibly reassured about how unimportant we all are and how the world is going to end. 293 more words

30 Before 30 - Progress

Sherborne Abbey, the cathedral of Dorset

We hadn’t planned to visit Sherborne during our time in Dorset back in the summer, but went there on impulse when we found ourselves in the vicinity. 1,452 more words