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Mitrula paludosa: the bog beacon

When you are out in the countryside it pays to keep your eyes open; look up and down, left and right. After a while I think you develop a sense of what is unusual as opposed to ‘ordinary’. 208 more words


Ringstead Beach

Collected on 28th July 2016 with my son, daughter and 6 grandchildren.

The children started off looking for pebbles to paint but they all soon got just as keen on finding bits and pieces for my beach-clean collection. 22 more words


Avon Heath Country Park

Lying two miles west of Ringwood is Avon Heath Country Park. Managed by Dorset County Council with some support from the RSPB, Avon Heath consists mostly of heathland apart from the occasional clump of birch and pine trees. 542 more words

Doddle recce #2

An early train to Weymouth and then east until you reach Purbeck: that sums up this morning, but it was much more than that. In fact, there only seem to be positive things to take from this run. 352 more words


What happened to good intentions?

Well, all the good intentions of my last post, in fact my New Year’s post, have sadly come to naught and I still haven’t managed to post any photos. 355 more words


5:00 Bell! Long week. For the ride home...

Fenne Lily, 18, lives and studies in Bristol, England. She was born in Dorset and crafts elegant, folksy songs performed with a fragility that belies the lyrical strength of her music is accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar.  74 more words


Phalera bucephala: the buff-tip moth

One can only wonder in amazement at how life on earth came to be as it is! Has this incredible buff-tip moth (Phalera bucephala) become just like a silver birch twig through random gene mutation and natural selection (therefore almost by accident)? 131 more words