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Do's and Dont's: The Approach

Approaching a stranger can be intimidating.  There is often a large number of unknown variables, which combined with the potential for rejection can make it an uncomfortable experience.   101 more words

Dos & Don'ts of Flying with WOW Airlines

For those that are planning on flying with WOW airlines, I figured I would write a post of DOs and DONT’s. This airline is no frills and super frugal. 301 more words


Do's and Dont's: Profile Pics

Selecting the perfect picture for an online profile can be a daunting task.  There are a few things that can be done to make your pictures stand out and a few that should be avoided to prevent you from becoming a joke. 199 more words


Concert Etiquette 101: How to Not Suck

As an avid fan of live music and fun times, I understand that festivals and concerts are excellent times to let loose, enjoy the experience and make some killer memories. 968 more words


Avoid the Side-Eye: Dos and Don'ts When Working with Black Women

A cartoon I saw yesterday left me with a knot in my throat. It showed First Lady Michelle Obama looking masculine and irritable, when compared to her potential replacement of the Republican-Party-Hopeful persuasion. 990 more words

Deep Thoughts

Do's and Don'ts of a Concert.

Hello!! First post of the concert series; go Niamh! I have lots of fun posts planned for this series, this being my first. In past experiences of concert – going, I’ve realised several things which you should do and several things you should NOT do. 624 more words


Self-Publish Like a Big Publisher: Your Book Cover

We live in an amazing era, when you can become a publisher, a published author with just a few clicks of a mouse.

With every great technological advancement, there are some crippling drawbacks to great traditions; the convenience of Amazon has nearly crippled independent bookstores, and the ease of self-publishing has made anyone think that just because they  797 more words

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