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How to be a Cool Wedding Guest


  1. Remember that the bride is the most beautiful, fantastic, breath-taking creature you will see at a wedding. Period. Be sure to get a good look at her as she enters and to tell her later just how beautiful, fantastic, breath-taking she is.
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The DOs and DON'Ts of College Dorms

This article is dedicated to Gillian Kiernan, as well as every other student moving away to pursue their educations this year. Good luck in the fall, for wherever and whatever you decide on! 1,264 more words


Merch Girl Rant #3: Airport Etiquette for Dummies

Everyone suddenly turns into an asshole when at the airport.  Even people who seem to be able to function as an acceptable human being normally, turn into a god damn spaz when traveling.  1,294 more words

Random blogging tips

As I promised, today’s blog is just some random things I’ve learned over the past month or so. Nothing heavy, just stuff! Let’s dig in! 475 more words



This blog is dedicated to everything around Corporate Responsibility (CR, but may also be referred to as CSR occasionally), Sustainability (e.g. climate change) / Sustainable Business (i.e. 308 more words


Beetleypete Reviews "How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon"

Re-blogged from Nicholas Rossis. CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL POST and learn about something that can help every author!

Pete, aka Beetleypete, is one of Amazon’s top reviewers, with an impressive rank of 3,212 out of the 10,000 top reviewers. 24 more words

Encore! Encore!

Do's and Don'ts: Marketing to Centennials

Alternate title: Is My Little Sister Cooler Than Me?

Millennials – are we old news? Centennials, AKA  Generation Z, are 13 – 18 years old and are 2 billion strong worldwide.  511 more words