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Cleaning Your Room: The Do's and Don'ts 

If you’re anything like me, keeping your room clean is an ongoing struggle. It’s been 19 years, guys. You’d think I would’ve perfected the art of cleaning by now. 425 more words


What not to do in PowerPoint

I chose this video for multiple reasons.  I find the video hilarious, but I also find it useful.   In the educational field, I have seen thousands of PowerPoints (from students, coworkers, and other professionals).   75 more words


Dos and Don’ts of Managing a Sales Pipeline

According to the Sales Management Association, more than half of executives recognize deficient sales pipeline management within their companies. Every company should utilize a sales pipeline to guide prospective customers through the many stages of product purchase. 224 more words

Diane Kaern

The DO's and Don'ts of Breakups.

I cannot stress how important this is.

DO try to end things on good terms. Even if the reason you guys are breaking up is really awful, you should always try to end things on at least decent terms. 289 more words


Politics and Religion II: 2016 Edition

As we get ready to vote in another election this fall, I find myself wondering what Jesus thinks about all these political debates.

Does he care about the redistribution of wealth, or the EPA? 791 more words

Shooting your shot - the DOs & the DON'Ts

Well, well, well. Now here’s a topic guaranteed to improve your 2016 year, and maybe get you a lil bae for Valentine’s Day- how to shoot your shot. 1,024 more words


Valentine Do's and Don'ts

First things first, save yourself and your wallet, and avoid those material girls (or guys). Typically it’s the ladies expecting to be wooed on Valentines, but that’s not really what it’s about.  336 more words