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Interviews are nerve-wracking…I know…I hate them, I’ve had some bad ones lately…I had a phone interview that after the first question I should have just hung up, it was that bad.   287 more words

Dos And Don'ts

When Bad Decorating Happens to Good People

As an Interior Designer people are always asking me if I mentally redesign homes I visit, even when I am not working.  Of course, the answer is yes.   296 more words

It's a mans world, WHY are we just living in it?

So I am recently single, just got out of a four year relationship in December 2016. Prior to that relationship I was in a two year relationship. 664 more words

Do's And Don'ts

You're talking but NOT listening...

Ever have a disagreement with someone and it just goes round and round in circles and nothing is being accomplished? You sit there wondering –  Why does this person not understand what… 576 more words

Do's And Don'ts


What is one thing that will separate you from the pack? Practice, practice, practice. This is true for both men and women and the exercises in this article are applicable to both. 554 more words


How to: Be an Effective Advocate

There are many issues that a person might be passionate about, from women’s rights, to animal rights, to the arts, to politics, and so on. Usually, when you’re passionate about a subject, you want to convince others to join in advocating for your cause. 552 more words

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Texting Etiquette (IDK)

So this time I decided to write about something that I—as a millennial, I think—supposedly should have been aware of. But I have horrible social skills and it stands to reason that if I can hardly keep up with verbal conversations, then digital conversations will be just as hard. 779 more words