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Tips for buying your perfect horse

I’ve seen a lot of tips and tricks about buying a horse, but strange enough none of them spoke about how your future horse will fit into  802 more words

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DO's and DONT's of Boardgaming

Note: This article is written in collaboration with Spilled Spagehtti Janitor in our now defunct group blog Tuesdays with Bison.

The people in Tuesdays With Bison is a group of friends who have been playing board games for a couple of years now. 1,073 more words


Necromancer No-No's

In lieu of the impending apocalypse resulting from severe global warming and the mushrooming war zones, would-be necromancers bent on world domination might find these tips helpful. 363 more words


Craigslist Job Search Do's & Don'ts

Craigslist is like the lost and found drawer at your old middle school. You go in there looking for one thing, and walk out confused why anyone would come back for a stained “Team Edward” t-shirt. 243 more words



Let me start off by saying that life as a woman comes with a hefty price and I  completely one hundred percent support sugar daddy dating.   847 more words

Top career advice that MBAs get

I always wondered why some MBAs reach to the top position as CEOs of large corporations; while majority others don’t. At plentiful instances non-IIM grads shined and rose up to the top of corporate ladder. 1,265 more words

Self Development

Contouring Do's and Don'ts.

I have never been a fan of makeup, so naturally, it’s one of the things I’m best at. I have cousins who are very skilled at it, and I picked up the skill from them. 495 more words