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The five worst people on Snapchat

By:  Jimmy Jacks

Snapchat has risen from a simple exchange of picture messages into a one-stop shop for news, entertainment and communication.  When used effectively and appropriately, Snapchat allows users to interact with one another and capture moments in a unique, creative way.   620 more words


10 Guaranteed Tricks That Make My Baby Smile, No Matter How Much She Has Been Crying!

Pic Courtesy – Pexels.com

Little babies have an attention span of a housefly, and get bored and cranky fast. If we moms don’t have enough tricks up our sleeve, we must be prepared for a cranky and crying baby! 373 more words

Dos And Don'ts

4 things I have learned that comes with dating

I really don’t like to flaunt my love life to the world, because it is no ones business but my own. However, being a blogger I have to put some of my personal experiences out there so you can understand why I view things the way I do, so I can help you with the situations you are looking for advice for. 789 more words

Do's And Don'ts

Here's How You're Screwing Up Your Kid

There’s this funny phenomenon that occurs when you have kids. Ever heard that saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”? Well, almost from the moment you announce your pregnancy, the village arrives ready to shower you in congratulations and unsolicited bits of advice. 946 more words



The Wind is air that gets pushed around. It makes things sway like hair, trees, and clothes.

Yesterday I went to a race and it was super windy. 146 more words

DIY Beauty Hacks:Hit or miss? (Egg whites)

You have probably noticed that, recently there has been many Do it your self beauty hacks popping around the web. Everyone is looking for the next best thing be it getting rid of excess oil, cleansing, toning, acne and getting rid of black heads. 327 more words


Acne scar blasters for beautiful skin

It is bad enough that many of us are plagued by acne, it is extremely irritating when it starts to leave scars behind! After all, scars take forever to fade making you want to put a paper bag on your head when ever you have to leave the house. 532 more words