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A Foreigner's Guide to South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country to visit and live in (just because I live here, does not make me biased…. Okay, maybe it does a little bit). 783 more words


3Ps for Choosing a Natural Hairstyle

Hey lovely! How are you today?

If you regularly visit social media sites, you’ld have come across loads of cute natural hairstyles and most times, you just don’t know which ones to wear or not wear. 245 more words

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Do's and Don'ts: Feeling single and lonely

Sometimes being single can be accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of loneliness that can feel heavy, even all consuming at times.  These are the things to do and to avoid in order to help these feelings pass. 136 more words

Mother's Day Do's and Dont's

I feel like the weight of 3 tiny (not really so tiny anymore) humans are literally in my hands.  The job we have is incredibly hard, and just gets harder as they grow.   647 more words

The Do's and Don'ts of Studying

It’s no surprise that high school is full of tests, quizzes, assessments, and exams. All of which require studying and review at home. I know studying can be annoying, and might seem useless, but trust me, it doesn’t hurt to look at those notes one more time. 930 more words

Bali Life is Beautiful.

It truly is. After refraining for so long, I finally experienced this fine Indonesian Island back in January, and now I have the time to tell you :) I must admit I was super stressed; I had a very toxic situation going on with family and could not get out of my own head for longer than 15 minutes at a time, until the very last night. 763 more words


Blame It On Mercury In Retrograde

Hey guys and gals, it is that time of year again: Mercury is in retrograde. Wow what a blessing…

As I typed that I swear I heard some shrieks coming from outside. 430 more words

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