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Parisian Survival Guide

My best advice for you is to go to Paris with an open mind. That’s advice for any country you go to as a matter of fact. 720 more words

Dos And Don'ts

How to fit in.

As a first time traveler to Paris, I had no idea what to expect. You hear these stories about pickpocketing, dirty streets, mean and/or rude people, etc. 605 more words

Dos And Don'ts

Packing Your Luggage

You might be thinking why I am writing about something as boring as packing. Well, my luggage didn’t arrive on time when my study abroad program began. 666 more words

Dos And Don'ts


As a first time traveler, I had very little knowledge about currency exchange and had to learn how to budget as I studied abroad. Currency exchange, budgeting, and credit/debit cards are a few important things that I would consider when studying abroad. 830 more words

Dos And Don'ts

Parisian Apartment Living: Do's and Don'ts

Being a study abroad student and living in a shared apartment with other students, I have picked up a few things about the living customs here in Paris. 675 more words


Do's and Don'ts: Using the Metro

Don’t smile. Don’t make eye contact. It was our first day of class and I was surprised to learn of the long list of some of the dos and don’ts while in Paris. 624 more words


Don’t be a Tourist, Even if you are: Paris Do’s and Don’ts Survival Guide

When my friends and family got wind of my study abroad trip to Paris, France, they were excited that I was capitalizing on this once and a lifetime opportunity, but at the same time they bombarded me with cautionary tales of people who had been the target of crimes in Paris. 730 more words