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Bull's Eye Dosa

Some might call it an abomination. For me, with a little bit of chutney powder sprinkled on top and some oil thrown in and cooked for two minutes after flipping it carefully, it will make a fine breakfast with some freakin’ hot coffee. 6 more words

Bull's Eye

Dosakah Nonton Minions?

Hi akhir akhir Ini saya sering mendenhar banyak simbol illuminati di Dalam film-film atau video klip lagu-lagu terbaru. Dan belum lama Ini saya menonton satu film yang saya sudah tahu sebenarnya Ada simbol illuminati di dalam film tsb, tetapi karena penasaran cerita film tsb dan teman saya megajak saya menonton saya Tetap menontonnya padahal bisa saja saya menolak untuk tidak menonton. 1,077 more words


Ayyappan Idli Stall

That sudden craving for hot Sambhar, Idli, Medu Vada, Dosa and an array of Southey Indian food is something we experience every fortnight. The customary Idli and Dosa we eat at home every Sunday is something that cannot be compared to any restaurant/ cafe in town. 455 more words

Food Review

Padasaram: A Short Story

He was tired. It was a long frustrating day at work. All he wanted was to get home.

He stopped at the McDonald’s on M.G. Road on his way. 475 more words


Dosa Noodles

Do you love noodles so much but don’t want to pile on, from all the white flour used?! Do not want to get the instant noodles but would love a bowl?! 536 more words


Dosa Kok Dilawan

Mungkin ini pengajaran paling aneh yang pernah kita dengar sepanjang menjadi orang Kristen. Tapi saya serius loh. JANGAN MELAWAN DOSA.

Tidak. Saya tidak salah ketik. Dosa memang jangan dilawan. 448 more words


Set Dosa

Yesterday I posted the recipe of Vegetable Kurma without coconut and I know, I went gaga over how awesome it tasted with the set dosa. Set Dosa was something I got introduced to only after moving to Bangalore, just like the many other food items for me. 570 more words