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Play with old MS-DOS classic games in your browser

At https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games you can find a nice collection of MS-DOS games. Just click on a game and you can play it in your browser! You can also embed a game in your site. Example (Prince of Persia):

Bathroom, Birmingham and Business!

It has been a busy few weeks!, in the last few weeks, we had a new bathroom fitted, visited family in Birmingham and both Tracey and I had interviews!. 649 more words


Onwards, Into the Stygian Abyss!

My last few posts have been a little… heavy handed. I go through waves, I’ve found. A few posts of pointing out gaming’s psychological tactics and obscure cultural norms here and there, trying to get those who may be imbibing the kool-aid a little too deep to at least notice what flavor it is. 575 more words

Shroud Of The Avatar

x86 Emulator Reaches the Appstore, and other updates

Link to download PowerDOS from the iTunes App Store:


Not my release, just here to inform the emulation crowd regarding of iDOS 4.  A… 185 more words

Free Games at the Moment (Updated: 4/9/15)

Hello gamers, here we’ll post all free games giveaways around the web. These are for games that you usually have to pay for. We will also include free DLC, add-ons, Alpha, and Beta keys. 282 more words

Viking Gamers

I played ‘Wing Commander III,’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

When I first started playing games on the PC, Windows 95 was the prevailing operating system. I’ve still got a lot of those old games on CD-ROMs in my closet (I got rid of all my floppies long ago). 366 more words

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