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29 Pre-Workout Ingredients and Effective Doses

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Why do I need to know these?

If you’re not already checking the ingredient doses of your supplements – you NEED to start. 271 more words


Echinacea; Benefits, Uses, & Doses

Echinacea; your immune boosting super star!

This pretty purple herb is great for activating your immune system to fight colds, the flu, and respiratory issues. It’s safe for kids, and according to the Mayo clinic is safe for pregnant and nursing moms as well. 706 more words


Tinctures: The Basics

So what is a tincture?

The Prescription for Herbal Healing says that, “Tinctures are made by soaking an herb in alcohol. This causes the active constituents of the plant to dissolve, and gives the tincture a stronger action than teas or infusions.” 1,232 more words


Love in Small Doses

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Creating a Herbal Notebook

Creating a Herbal Notebook

I want to share with you an exciting tool I’ve put together to wrangle all the new information we are gathering about herbs; a Herb Notebook! 1,116 more words


Using Herbs for Babies & Kids

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Using herbs for kids can be incredibly beneficial, but also rather nerve-wracking. Sometimes it seems easier to just head to the pediatrician for some professional advice on your little munchkins’ earache or cough. 921 more words


Things to Consider Before Starting Steroids

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I want to talk about something that really bothers me and is a widespread issue in AAS use: 1,512 more words

Anabolic Steroids