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On The Buses

Him: My dad knew about women, he wrote it in a book once: Women are like buses. No need to worry about where or when or how you are going to find another one. 111 more words


Wild Drug Craze

“When I hear the word ‘rave’ I think of an illegal organized party with loud music and a lot of drugs. That is not what I use the word for.

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As winter finally starts to bite here in the UK and ice, snow and frozen toes become the norm, we need something to thaw us out, warm us up and get us going again. 185 more words


Ethylmercury may be more toxic than methylmercury

“If you’re going in for flu shots routinely, you might be exposed to a fair amount of mercury… and the key there is you’re getting these bolus doses… boom, these point injections. 179 more words