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Mudras are the acupuncture from Buddhists and Yoguis. You press certain points of your hand with your fingertips in different positions. It is what people do with their hands while they meditate, but mudras are not restricted to meditation. 50 more words


Learn About Your Dosha

“Humans have five sense organs and can therefore perceive the world in five distinct ways” -The Ancient Indian Healing Art-Scott Gerson MD

Today’s topic is about a form of medicine that I mentioned in my previous post called Ayurvedic medicine. 544 more words


What are Doshas?

What Are Doshas? 
Disease doesn’t just suddenly appear. After all, having good health for the most part is the result of developing a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, disease can be likened to a seed. 932 more words


What are the Doshas?

Earth, water, fire, air and ether – these elements make up everything in the universe, including you. Knowing what you are composed of helps you to know what is best for you to eat, what environments to live in, what jobs to have, what spiritual practice to do etc. 729 more words


What is a Dosha?

A dosha is one of three substances that are present in our bodies. Ayurveda describes how the quantity and quality of these three substances fluctuates in the body, according to the seasons, time of day and diet. 549 more words

Foods and Ayurveda in Naturopath Software

Ayurveda, an Indian traditional system of medicine considers every individual as unique and the treatment is based on the defined constitution types.

There are three things that must be taken into consideration in order for a treatment to be considered ayurvedic: The ayurvedic physician must know the nature of the patient (prakruti), the nature of the imbalance or disease (vikruti) and the nature of the remedies (dravya guna – the qualities of a substance). 1,256 more words

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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Morning Routine

Good morning sunshine! Here are five morning rituals I’ve gleaned from Ayurvedic teachings that I have found to make a huge difference in my day. As a Vata dosha I thrive on routine, so these are especially nice to set up my day for success. 629 more words