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One world led to the other.

Like many Americans, my yoga practice started with the physical practice of asana.  I enjoyed vinyasa classes for the work out.  458 more words


The Ayurveda Series: The Doshas

Those of you who know me personally know that dropping Ayurvedic philosophy/medicine/references into day-to-day conversation is something I’m quite good at (some of my friends like to call it ‘waffle’).  1,376 more words


Ayurveda: Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic Foods

You are what you eat. When you are free to live a quiet, contemplative life, a sattvic diet is divinely perfect. For those who wish to maintain a meditative mind but also must live and work in the world, a diet consisting of… 435 more words

Intuitive Magazine

What You Should Eat. How You Should Exercise - Ayurveda

Ayurveda is known as the science of yoga. It shows us food choices, exercise styles, and natural moisturizers, best suited for our lively hood and physical build. 535 more words

Ayurveda an ancient medicine and how it relates to the art and science of yoga

How does Ayurveda, a system of medicine, relate to Yoga? “Ayur” means longevity and “veda” means knowledge or science. Ayurveda is a type of medicine which combines science, religion, and philosophy. 195 more words


What Is Panchakriya and Why You Need to Start Now

Pancha means ‘5’ and kriya means ‘process’, so Panchakriya means ‘5 processes.’ But processes for what?

According to Vedic tradition, there are 3 main biological energies contained in the mind-body system, called ‘ 682 more words


Ayurveda - Um Resumo

Check the English version here

Para quem não me conhece, para além de enfermeira, também sou terapeuta de massagem ayurvédica. Quero começar a escrever no blog os benefícios de alguns ingredientes na nossa saúde, e por isso decidi fazer este post para apresentar a Ayurveda, que será o meu guia nestes assuntos. 740 more words