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The Doshas.

Before I discuss any of the other parts of Ayurveda, I thought it best to first begin with the basics: the three doshas.

Dosha in Sanskrit refers to bodily humors, kind of like energies or forces. 1,120 more words


This Is Ayurveda

Society paints this picture where you have to have the longest hair and the thinnest body and you can’t help but want to be that beautiful person you see on that picture.

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Kapha: Earth + Water

Not quite a cliffhanger but this post is very overdue. Here’s to the in’s & out’s of Kapha dosha types.

We need a little reminder at this stage. 965 more words


Get Handsy!

Hello Everyday-yogis,

What a week! We’re in the middle of renovating our new home. It’s an exciting time but gee it’s stressful. Every time I set foot in the new house I feel overwhelmed. 342 more words


an entry point

So last year I went to Ubud.  Took my family: Eug and two kids then aged 3 and 1. We hooked up with Marg, Eugene’s mum.   894 more words


Getting grounded

I’m back in Sydney! I had a wonderful holiday but boy am I glad to be home. I love that first inhale on my arrival, Sydney air is sweet like a bouquet of jasmine. 200 more words


Ayurveda Consultations: Know Yourself to Heal Yourself

Ayurveda differs from conventional western medicine in that it acknowledges each individual as a unique being in nature and takes into consideration the ongoing imbalances that accumulate from day to day, season to season, year to year. 419 more words