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Balancing Pitta

Since my experience in Vinyasa classes at the start of the week I have been back to the studio every day.

I really struggled with my Bikram class, even though my wonderful teacher kept on reassuring me that my Asana’s were “en pointe” I still felt uncomfortable, awkward and slightly ill. 281 more words




  • Seated forward bend, child’s pose, vipariate Karani, janu-sirsasana, paschimottanasana & parivrtta, supra-virasana, upavistha-konasana and all variations, alligator twists, kurmasana, yoga mudrasana, eka pada rajakapotanasana, parsva upavistha konasana, SAVASANA.
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Kitchari Fest

These days I am on an Ayurvedic experimental ride. Exploring feelings, thoughts & foods, all based on the Ayurvedic principal.

Ayurveda, the science of health, is a combination of a lot of things, so I begin to realize now. 881 more words

Yoga Life, Yogi Mind

Gunas and Doshas: How to balance your energies with self-compassion

Do you ever feel anxious and agitated but don’t know where to start to find calm? Or tired and depressed to the point of not feeling able to move? 780 more words

Yoga Practice

Here's why drinking water in a copper vessel is so good for your body

A lot of experts recommend drinking water stored in copper, because copper is believed to have anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its an essential mineral for our body and medical studies have proved the benefits of drinking water stored in copper jugs. 132 more words


Ayurvedic Tips & Tricks for Safe & Healthy Travels

A simple & quick little video on how to use Ayurveda to ease the uneasiness and discomfort caused by Jetlag on long, tiring travels. These helpful tips help relieve aggravated Vata Dosha, allowing you to recover quickly and enjoy your trip.

Dr. Isha

What is Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda? What is a Dosha?
Are you fiery, watery, slow, sluggish ?

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old healing system founded in Ancient India. It means wisdom of living and offers a time proven guide for a life of health, happiness, vitality, love and purpose. 100 more words

Ayurvedic Integrated Health