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SEA servers down?

Watching videos in 720p. Connected to EU servers and US servers. Can't connect to SEA servers. And this is from India.

It was bad when they banned ranked matches from Indian servers but even SEA servers are poorly maintained. 35 more words


I am a meepo player

I usually do pretty good..have the same routine but I can always do much better…..I suck at stacking. rant over

Submitted April 24, 2018 at 10:32AM by MOONMO0N https://ift.tt/2Jl5bpc


What do YOU hate about DotA right now?

Doesn't have to be popular or unpopular. All opinions. Rant if you want.

Submitted April 23, 2018 at 12:56PM by DotaADay https://ift.tt/2K50EbI


Log in to get my daily -25

This is mostly a rant, but since an update in March DOTA has been running like ass. It takes forever to load and every so often just refuses to load a game. 95 more words


Having Battle Cup on Saturday night only is stupid

It's literally the one night of the week I do shit other than Dota. Maybe it's convenient for some, but I would much rather play on a weeknight. 28 more words


How to lower your chances of losing MMR (May not work for some)

Some people playing this game are seriously mysterious human beings. I see so many people with something like "-500 mmr ty gaben" in their nick name and then you play with them, and theyre unable to play a game for 5 minutes before getting super tilted and ruin the morale of the team. 88 more words


Dota Plus benefits don't continue without sub

Well, after one month I decided I won't resub based off of this. I feel like we should be able to keep what we've earned using Dota Plus but to have to pay to continue to use Relics and Hero Chat wheel is enough to make me NOT resub. 51 more words