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DotA2 Heroes' Origins: Rubick - The Wandering Magus

Ruben Frederick took an appreciative glance at the staff in his hand. It was plain. Plain enough that no one took a second look. An olive-green wooden rod resembling more a quarterstaff than the exquisite arcane staffs commonly used by his kind. 4,934 more words


[Top 10] The Best Dota 2 Items

One of my interests about Dota 2 is the depth and the fact that there is no single way to play a particular hero, prompting me to try various builds that could be unorthordox but useful and realistic, or even come out with my own philosophies for building heroes. 3,345 more words

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Teamwork in Dota2

Since July 28th, “The International DOTA2 Championships” has been held for three days. During these days, every team shows their purpose – the champion, but it is not quite easy to gain the reward. 241 more words

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Sorting, trees, and Reborn

I haven’t updated this site in a little while – and I should do more regularly. I thought I’d get this ball rolling by writing something short about what I’ve been up to this week. 324 more words

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