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My Little Rant

I spent the last two hours absolutely despising this game. The last 5/6 games, always an abandon during the hero picking phase. I spent roughly an hour in the queue, as each time someone abandons during the hero picking phase, you have to restart the queue. 179 more words


Obsessed with winning an online multiplayer game? Then, this is for you

Obsessed with Video Games? Can’t stop playing that Mobile/PC MOBA or FPS game? Addicted to Vainglory, LoL, DoTA 2 or CS:GO?

If you aren’t any established professional player (or someone on the rise), but take competitive games too seriously, this short guide might help you win more matches, and more importantly, will help you enjoy each game you play. 616 more words


'Tis the Season to be Lovin'

I had a long and angry blog post typed up for this week’s WordPress Wednesday, but decided to trash that in favour of making some cutesy Valentines to celebrate this over-commercialised event instead :) #positivevibesonly… 137 more words

Wordpress Wednesday

Twitch - Gearing up

I’m trying out this new thing.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it.

It’s called Twitch!

I’ve been playing video games my whole life, and it was always looked at by most people outside of the gamer community as a solo activity, that wasn’t communicative or community-centric. 573 more words


PSA: Going into a game with a losing mentality will lose you the game.

If u go into the game, and straight away mute all your teammates, and say that u already know your gonna lose cause teammate picked <insert excuse>. 151 more words


Just had a very satisfying and frustrating experience

Just played a match where I had an ogre on my team who fed from minute one,he bought the courier and kept it in his stash, naturally everyone was annoyed and we were losing the early game hard, Now I get feeders probably once every 150 games or something but man was it frustrating, Everyone on my team gave up hope and I had to constantly motivate them on and on over focusing on my farming, like literally had to spam messages in chat to keep them from throwing along with the ogre. 247 more words