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My Weekend #1

Hi everyone just to let everyone know this is my first blog, I’ll be mainly blogging about my about my whole week experiences. You may find it quite boring or a bit random but for those who know more about me read through. 237 more words


Defense of the Ancients 2 - Things I wish someone told me when I started.

I’ve been playing DotA 2 for years now, I’ve racked up over 1040 hours which means I’ve spent 42 complete days playing DotA. If you’ve already delved into the game, you will probably know that this doesn’t mean I’m a pro, or even necessarily good. 1,987 more words


Does anyone else secretly derive joy out of taking things to the next level when you run into toxic players?

I'll be the first to admit it isn't something I should do because it escalates the situation and makes people rage harder than they were in the first place… but I just can't help myself. 207 more words


Do the dota developers actually play the game?

Just writing down this rant to cool down after reading that duelling fates will come on november 1st.. probably not worth the read.

I mean literally everyone I know is getting bored by this game because it's been the same for over 6 months now. 258 more words


Can we please at least pretend that patches can make the gamegame less fun?

Rant incomming. Last section is the most important one if you were to actually care about anything a pleb would say.

My pussy ass feelings… 1,782 more words


A Eulogy for Esports

The usual course of action when someone opens an article like this is to hearken back to their fondest memory. In my case, when it comes to esports, I don’t have a singular fond memory that makes me go “That’s it. 1,149 more words


Tell me Volvo, how?

this is not a rant. i dont care about losing 25 mmr. but this special game, made me think about how dota is right now. first of all, my behavior score (with this new a m a z i n g system is C) and this match was a 3.4k mmr ranked game, South america server. 534 more words