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Loyalty Reward Program

Who else got a ton of freebies because of LRP Loyalty Reward Program aka Monthly Subscription?

Remember you don’t have to order monthly but we choose to, not only because of the free oils but we are buying high quality vitamins, essential oils, cleaning supplies, and beauty products made with the same high quality essential oils. 101 more words

DoTerra Essential Oil

Breast Health

Back several years ago, when I was living in Virginia, I was concerned about my breast health. I was having some issues (itchy nipple, soreness and lumps) and got little help from my Doctor except to have a mammogram (which thankfully only showed I had dense breasts). 371 more words

DoTerra Essential Oil

Chemicals in dryer sheets could cause you asthma, rashes, even cancer

I don’t use dryer sheets or fabric softeners. I was never interested in buying them and now I’m thankful I didn’t. I use alternatives 1, 4 and 5 listed in the linked article to replace to replace dryer sheets. 66 more words

DoTerra Essential Oil

Is this you in the Vitamin Aisle?

Is this you in the local health supplement store or pharmacy? There are way too many brands to choose from and it can be very confusing. 146 more words

DoTerra Essential Oil

Cooking with Essential Oils

Here’s a helpful guide on cooking with essential oils. It is recommended that some oils such as oregano should be dipped with a toothpick! When in doubt – use less. 32 more words

DoTerra Essential Oil