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All Things Fresh

I’ve mentioned before that I’m an essential oils believer. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not going to cure cancer or stop COVID-19 in its tracks. I’ve just seen it work in my patients when they were suffering from nausea and vomiting, while in labor and It’s helped me and my family with our little ailments. 223 more words


Grow your own way: A lesson from the trees

It is spring here in Australia and I was looking out my window at the trees. One was in full bloom. A eucalyptus gum tree. So, an evergreen that has been thriving for many years. 420 more words

Koti eteerisistä öljyistä (Vessa ja kylpyhuone)


Onpa aikaa vierähtänyt viimeisestä postauksesta! :-) Siirtolapuutarhamökkeily on vienyt kaiken vapaa-ajan nyt kesällä, koska lomaa en tänä vuonna viettänyt lainkaan. Ajattelin tehdä muutaman kotiaiheisen postauksen. 215 more words

Raspberry Limeade Recipe

Summer may be coming to an end but, I can’t let it slip away before I share the most refreshing summer drink recipe! This raspberry limeade is so delicious AND it’s super easy to make. 67 more words

Essential Oils

Unwell - Diving into the oily waters of the Health and Wellness Industry in the new Netflix series

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The global health and wellness industry is now worth trillions of dollars according to the Global Wellness Institute. The Health and Wellness industry includes all activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing; from healthy eating to personal care, yoga and fitness to meditation, spa retreats and wellness tourism. 1,989 more words

The Chenille Range

The Chenille Range

The Chenille range is a beautiful range of essential oils pouches that are fun and fluffy. Will fit 7 bottles and 4 roller bottles comfortably this range is sure to be a game changer is essential oil fashion accessories, while keeping your oils safe when you travel.



Essential oil pouches ready to go

Essential Oil Pouch

This gorgeous essential oil pouch is ideal for safely carrying your oils with you when you leave the house. Made from beautiful indigenous art fabric, the colors are vibrant and the design tells a story. 109 more words