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Oh so much has changed

Earlier this year I wrote about opening my very own women’s clothing boutique. After several months of no sales and continuing to spend money on advertising, I decided to close my boutique. 916 more words

Weight Loss

Hocus Pocus

Why is it so easy to get distracted? I blame my phone!

To kick my butt in gear and get stuff done, I often reach for the same roller blend my daughter uses before school… 138 more words

Essential Oils

my wellness routine

Since I began my journey to wellness and started sharing the doTERRA lifestyle, the most frequently asked question I get is ‘what does your daily routine look like?’ And in this current climate, ‘what are you doing to support your body against, you know, the virus that shall not be named.’ Honestly it makes me so sad and frustrated so I like to refer to it in the same way we refer to ‘Voldermort.’ Because, relatable. 873 more words

Essential Oils

DIY All Natural Sunscreen

No one wants to put toxic ingredients on their skin in order to gain protection – let’s be honest!

Here is a DIY sunscreen we can all make from the comfort of our own home – with ingredients we are confident in. 158 more words

Lets Learn About Essential Oils

This year I’ve really been trying to live a cleaner life. Now by that I mean trying to stay away from modern medicine and being more aware of the things I put on my body and the things I eat too. 775 more words


Oil Spotlight: Clove

Since Clove is our FREE product of the month I figured it would be the perfect time to talk about this amazing oil. Commonly recognized as a ground kitchen spice, but clove has been used since ancient times for its medicinal purposes. 373 more words

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