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My best friend knees me several times, hard, between the legs, as the cute young woman holding me whispers soothing words in my ear. I keep standing, crossing my legs in pain, and as I groan I think about narrative frames. 193 more words

Meet Our Readers

Double agents. Passing. Going undercover. There’s a lot of ways to be not what you seem, and this Wednesday Brooke Allen, Allie Wachowski, Kim Nelson, and Bea Cordelia get into these cases of Mistaken Identity with humor, grace, guts. 292 more words


Final Thoughts - Splinter Cell: Conviction

As it happens, I was correct about Splinter Cell: ConvictionMost of the points I made in my previous post about the game remained valid throughout, and nothing the experience offered succeeding in challenging my opinion of it. 1,207 more words

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First Impressions - Splinter Cell: Conviction

For the fifth game in a series that has always been a beacon of excellent stealth design philosophy, Splinter Cell: Conviction is a surprisingly terrible stealth game. 1,041 more words

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Corey Goode Responds to Claims Made by Bill Ryan

Ed. Note: Last week when the attacks against Corey Goode from Bill Ryan and Randy Maugins hit the internet, I spent virtually an entire day attempting to keep balance to the conversation in FB Galactic History Discussion Group, where I’m senior moderator for the forum. 5,613 more words


The Welsh copper who became a Nazi double agent | historywithatwist

We have fanciful notions about spies – the men are dashing James Bond-types and the women are exotic, like Mata Hari. Alas, the reality can often be more prosaic. 16 more words

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2016 Year in Review

The first thing I had to do as I began to write my 2016 Year in Review, was to calculate how many races I ran in 2016.   723 more words