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Kendrick Lamar - Blacker the Berry (NSFW) and 'Double Consciousness'

It’s not often that students come to me and, overwhelmingly, ask my opinion on any one topic.  This past week or so I have had a number of students ask me my thoughts on… 1,715 more words


On the Right to Criticize Work

This article on the Independent’s website got me thinking about the relationship between work and free speech. Since this was the only article on the Independent’s website to get me thinking in the past year, I felt it safe to assume that this was blog-worthy. 1,779 more words


A Stitch in Time - Fielden.June2012

The idea that we live in multiple worlds at once is starting to take root. I came to terms with this gradually over some time and I hope this writing exercise can help you reconcile what we’re all experiencing. 675 more words


The Race Files - (N) Bombs Over Black Man / Calling Out a Friend


I don’t want them hip white people coming up to me calling me no nigger or telling me nigger jokes. I don’t like it! I’m just telling you, it’s uncomfortable to me. 1,582 more words

Social Behavior

A Stitch in Time - Mario.June2012

This was another tough week for the world. Between bombings and shootings, it’s one of those moments that’s difficult to process… Surrealism and cultural distortion are a day-to-day occurrences now. 381 more words