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Primeval Mitosis and Double Consciousness

Eldridge Cleaver’s Primeval Mitosis reflects several of the ideas put forth by WEB Du Bois’ double consciousness theory. The identities in society revolve around the Omnipotent Administrator, or the white male “god head.” The Supermasculine menials and the Amazons represent male and female African Americans, respectively. 537 more words

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Hot chocolate... that's life!

There have been people wondering about life and its purpose for about as long as humans have had intellect and practiced its use in a leisurely manner. 1,666 more words


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I wrote this years ago, in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, which reverberates to this day. The thoughts and feelings are still relevant to many. I repost it for those brave sisters seeking a home for their restless souls away from home.

Double-Consciousness and Trials in Walter Dean Myers Monster

Monster. What is the effect of being labeled and considered less than by society? What does it mean to understand that you’re not considered a complex individual but a criminal just because of the color of your skin.  308 more words


A Peculiar IDentity

I love the writings of W.E.B. DuBois (The Souls of Black Folk, 1995) and have had his words come to mind countless times over the years. 779 more words


HBCU vs. PWI: The value of minorities at PWIs

So I am of the VERY unpopular opinion that more Black students should attend PWIs.

I know. I know. Here we go *eye roll*

But before you write me off, at least read me out (pun intended). 813 more words

Double Consciousness

Critical Race Theory and Black Liberation w/ Zoé Samudzi

Zoe Samudzi is a black feminist writer whose work has appeared in a number of spaces including The New Inquiry, Warscapes, Truthout, ROAR Magazine, Teen Vogue, BGD, Bitch Media, and Verso, among others. 327 more words

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Featured Work: Double Consciousness, Looking Back, 2017

This work is called Double Consciousness, Looking Back Oil, acrylic, latex, and collage on unstretched canvas, 6′ by 6.5′ 2017.

It was part of a performance where I used samples from a Librivox Recording of W.E.B. 34 more words