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Gluten free 'Double Decker' Bars

Thank you Mr Cadbury for the inspiration for this one. It’s not as difficult as one would first think. But it goes to show that everyone should be able to have anything available – with a little bit of though any one can. 946 more words


I became quite fixated by this wild flower growing on the zebra crossing. It’s seed managed to find the smallest of cracks between the curb and the busy road. 34 more words



A soulless housing estate built for the first time buyer.

I worked as a manager on a Wimpey Homes building site. Thankfully, I had a disagreement with someone in Camden and ended up in a coma. 352 more words


Okinawa Day 3: Kaizar Marine Club, Danbo Ramen, Double Decker

By Local Unnie

I have been busy lately and my wifi at home did not work so I was not able to make a new post. 477 more words


Life Gets Crowded. Stay With Your Guide.

The first story I ever submitted for publication was accepted. (Woo hoo!) The first story I ever wrote was junk. As are a lot of the stories shoved away in the dark drawer of my hard drive that I’ll never be submitting to anybody for anything. 130 more words

Animal Totem

...in the orange sun rays...

Caged Bird


A free bird leaps

on the back of the wind

and floats downstream

till the current ends

and dips his wing… 1,041 more words

Double Decker Arts Festival

Long before Ole Miss, or even graduate school was on my radar, I hopped aboard a Megabus with my friend, Allison, and we headed to the Double Decker Arts Festival in Oxford, Mississippi. 465 more words

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