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Real Clay and What Can Be Done

This real clay is just a few steps from my back door. This is what the ground in my yard can look like when a kiddie pool stays in one place during a dry period. 291 more words


Rooted Writing in the Garden: Baby Food Adventures

Greetings, Plumber readers. Here is a post from my freelance writing business website, Rooted Writing. Follow the link, below, to read about my family’s garden adventures. 12 more words

Baby Food

Slowly but surely... due to rain

I couldn’t continue digging my plots,  because when my soil (loamy silt) is wet, it’s not a good idea. One, it is heavy as hell when wet and two, I’d just trod it down even harder.  392 more words

The Vegetable Patch

Solution to Gravel Problem Found

Sometimes you just have to think over a problem long enough to find a solution. So adhering to the principals of permacuture and biological dynamic gardening, and NOT wanting raised beds or Sepp Holzer’s mounds,  I found an easy fix. 388 more words

The Vegetable Patch

Temporary Quarters at Blickling

Another Wednesday session this week at Blickling, and, you guessed it, more spade work!

It was a showery day, so the waterproof was never far away…at one point we had an almost horizontal driving shower of hail to contend with. 432 more words


More double digging at Blickling

Back to Thursday this week at Blickling, so it was good to see the rest of that day’s volunteer team again.

On my way into the gardens I noticed an orange MG spots car and some people filming- apparently it was for an edition of  ‘Antiques Road Trip’ due to be aired on BBC TV in the autumn. 306 more words


How Does Your Garden Grow? Different Gardening Methods Explained

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?

In today’s world, Mistress Mary might have a hard time describing exactly how she gardens. Silver bells and cockle shells aside, if you look at the gardening section of your library or bookstore or search the interwebs, its easy to get overwhelmed by all the different styles and theories and methods. 

758 more words