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New Moon and Autumn Equinox

A short update this week, as I prepare for our yearly “harvest & gratitude sharing” potluck with friends. Saturday is the autumn equinox, which marks the beginning of the darker half of the year. 431 more words

Weekly Peek

March, last quarter moon

I really enjoyed the workshop last Friday! We went through a lot of content, even though we couldn’t be as much outside as I had hoped for because of the wind. 625 more words


Is a Soil Test Worth It?

For a backyard organic gardener the answer is probably not; for a commercial grower with acres under cultivation, soil testing should be done. Many gardeners may disagree and find soil testing valuable, but I’ll tell why I don’t send soil to a lab for testing. 344 more words


March, full moon

Right, you’ve inspired me to keep posting these weekly garden tips, so here it comes! We’re moving into the first weeks of autumn here in Wellington. 484 more words


Getting on with January Tasks

Before the end of the month I need to make sure I am top of my January tasks for the month.  Top of the list for this weekend is to improve my soil quality.   174 more words


Watering My Way

Right, it’s getting drier and drier  –  the rains we’ve had in Newtown, Wellington the last month have mostly been less than 4mm, which isn’t quite enough to really wet the soil and make my edible oasis thrive. 462 more words


Spring changes

Last night, I woke up at about 3am thinking “oh no, it’s going to hail on my newly planted tomatoes!” and ran out in the garden under pouring rain to put cloches on all the seedlings. 115 more words

Notes From My Garden