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Gophers and Snakes and Barn Cats - First Impressions of Ecology Action

By Pauline Montemayor

They weren’t kidding when they said the site would be rustic. Upon my arrival to Ecology Action’s site called ‘The Golden Rule’ at Ridgewood Ranch I noticed two things: it was quiet and it had a story to tell. 473 more words


Those Aren't Weeds!

It’s summertime in our garden! The Caldium, Marigolds and herbs are still holding their own, and after the recent rains, the time is right to plant cover crops. 86 more words


What do you new Ags even do?

Last month Celine posted some photos of us volunteers, and a family friend from home commented – “Looks like a great time. Does anybody work?” A look back through the photos and I could see what he meant by his snarky commentary. 1,616 more words

Peace Corps

The last bed

What a sense of satisfaction to complete the initial double digging in the garden this week! It’s taken me two years to do all of the beds at least once, which is the first point I want to make today. 539 more words

Garden Techniques

Spring is Finally Here

Now that things are warming up we have been busy outside hence the lack of posts, but that means plenty of pictures for me to show off. 216 more words


Back Once Again

Finally the rain has stopped, and the weather has warmed up enough to allow the patch to dry out and for us to get back to work.  797 more words


Double Digging the Intensive Garden

RED Gardens

Note the sandy loam soil and sheer amount of compost double dug in. Sand has very low cation exchange capacity (CEC). Compost has very high CEC, or in simpler terms, it holds onto nutrients. 434 more words