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The Hustle: Double Digging

Double digging is for the birds…

…and carrots, and parsnips, and maybe potatoes. Oh and possibly sweet potatoes. Onions?

Double digging is a cultivation method used by gardeners to deeply aerate and loosen the soil. 541 more words

Welcome to the Worm Party!

Just shot this video of my latest addition to the Pokéball garden, head on over to YouTube to check it out.

Earthworms are one of nature’s ultimate boons.  783 more words


The Pokéball Garden?

Hello friends! I’ve made a new YouTube video, the sequel to A shovel in the dirt – a damn good start! Please click the link below to watch the video! 1,505 more words


A shovel in the dirt -a damn good start!

They say a picture tells a thousand words. If thats true, how many words does a video tell? (At 30 frame per second, thats 30,000 words a second, or 1,800,000 words a minute. 942 more words


Real Clay and What Can Be Done

This real clay is just a few steps from my back door. This is what the ground in my yard can look like when a kiddie pool stays in one place during a dry period. 291 more words


Rooted Writing in the Garden: Baby Food Adventures

Greetings, Plumber readers. Here is a post from my freelance writing business website, Rooted Writing. Follow the link, below, to read about my family’s garden adventures. 12 more words

Baby Food

Slowly but surely... due to rain

I couldn’t continue digging my plots,  because when my soil (loamy silt) is wet, it’s not a good idea. One, it is heavy as hell when wet and two, I’d just trod it down even harder.  392 more words

The Vegetable Patch