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Back Once Again

Finally the rain has stopped, and the weather has warmed up enough to allow the patch to dry out and for us to get back to work.  797 more words


Double Digging the Intensive Garden

RED Gardens

Note the sandy loam soil and sheer amount of compost double dug in. Sand has very low cation exchange capacity (CEC). Compost has very high CEC, or in simpler terms, it holds onto nutrients. 434 more words


The Despondent Gardener

The weather has been rather glorious today, especially for January, a perfect day to get back onto the garden and get working on the veg patch.  868 more words


Herbs and Tea

Hey there friends.

I’m back with another short video, planting out the middle portion of the Pokéball Garden with some perennial herbs and I’ll also show you how I made some natural fertilizer using rabbit manure, plus a brief discussion about lactobacillus which I introduced in my last article  366 more words


Pokéball Garden Update including photos!

Hi there,

Just thought I would share this quick update on how the garden is doing! I was away at a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat (blog post coming soon) and my parents kept the garden watered for me while I was gone (thanks guys!). 488 more words


To Dig or Not to Dig

When I first began gardening, the gold standard for preparing new perennial beds was double digging. In The Garden Primer 1,015 more words
Flower Beds

The Hustle: Double Digging

Double digging is for the birds…

…and carrots, and parsnips, and maybe potatoes. Oh and possibly sweet potatoes. Onions?

Double digging is a cultivation method used by gardeners to deeply aerate and loosen the soil. 541 more words