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Double Dutching With Jesus

Did you ever play double dutch when you were young? If you did, you remember the intensity of the playing. Everybody was in line waiting their turn. 1,301 more words


The Social Olympics

Numerous times, people say to jump into conversations. It’s easy, so I’m told.

But most conversers don’t realize that jumping into conversations for someone with social anxiety is the equivalent of a person being expected to attend and win the world Double Dutch championships without even knowing what a jump rope is. 20 more words

New Jersey Double Dutch Team Focuses On Mission After Tragedy

Takeria “queen bee” Clark, founder of the Honey Bees double Dutch team, has a clear vision for the Jersey City-based team. “This is more than an organization,” she told local blog  403 more words

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Superfood - Bambino - Album Review

“My name is Katherine Wilchuck, I’m 19 years old. I’m part of this fan club and I’ve been jumping ever since I was ten years old,” says a chirpy voice, 1:49 seconds into Superfood’s surreal single ‘Double Dutch’, the first off new album ‘Bambino’. 928 more words


Ebo Ebo Ebonettes

“Sharp scratch.” Doctors and nurses who are inserting needles into you are obliged by law to say this now as it is punishable by death to say “You’ll feel a bit of a prick.” 224 more words

Sage's Rage: honeybees are SWEET

i happened to catch the end of jimmy fallon one night. my eyes were glued to the tv because i couldn’t believe what i saw.   a double dutch crew!!   133 more words

Extreme Jump Rope

Photo: Metro
Double Dutch competitions are not just about jumping rope.

This past summer, I swung the jump rope with John on the porch as his kids threw themselves enthusiastically into the novelty of this time-honored activity. 421 more words