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Helices of Life

These helices form a double helix of the DNA. There you can see the nucleotide, the helix of sugar-phosphates. They are one of the fundaments of life. 7 more words


The Machinery of Life

In the heart of the machinery of life there are the four most common atoms; hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen. They form the fundaments of the nucleobases of our DNA! 53 more words


Waves of Time

The perspective in this picture stands for time and also evolution. It symbolizes that everything started from only one thing, the vanishing point is the symbol in this case. 65 more words


New Item - Double Helix Fabric

Our latest fabric design is now available at Spoonflower! These colorful double helixes run in a continuous stripe down the length of the fabric on a gray background. 74 more words

Poem a day challenge #49 (Duty)


By Scott Bailey © 2013

Birds do it. Bees do it
Even the goddamn fleas do it
It’s in the genes to survive
It’s not enough. 25 more words


Explore the Magic of Double Helix Silver Glass Presentation

I had the honor to present at the annual International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) Gathering conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, last month. The topic, of-course, was on working with silver glass. 174 more words


DNA Double Helix

My school’s science club is having a summer meeting/party which inspired me to create a science related origami. I tried creating something that would be impressive to anybody, not just another origami artist, and I thought of Jeremy Shafer’s interlocking rings, two seemingly interlocking rings made from a single sheet of paper, no cuts, no glue, just folding. 108 more words