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Surviving Armageddon

hope evaporates in the haze,
of these bitter vermilion days,
the earth whimpers in mute despair,
humanity lies cold and bare, eyes still ablaze,

both predator and dangled bait, 84 more words


CiM colour testing: Charlotte and Limelight

These are both very pretty transparents.

Limelight is a clean, cool green with no hints of yellow. Charlotte is a warm pink that is saturated enough to hold its own. 452 more words


Silver Glass Testing - Double Helix Garage Box 2015

A generous artist gave me one rod from every bundle in her 2015 Double Helix Garage Box. I am very slowly working my way through doing the testing on this glass. 2,532 more words


Double-Helix Beauty

When I was a child, my speech, feelings, and thinking were those of a child; now that I am grown I have no more use for those childish ways. 22 more words

The Umbilical Cord

Sometimes, you have to remind yourself, you were the one that carried you through.

For what are you, if not the collective history of civilization? 436 more words


Double helix staircase

This is the core of the staircase in the cloître de la Psalette of the Cathédrale Saint-Gatien in the city of Tours.


Guest Post: The Incredible Properties of DNA

DNA must be one of the most instantly recognisable molecules and many people will be familiar with its elegant double helical structure. I am a biochemist, and I have been privileged to work with 982 more words

Scientists Of Faith