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Dancing Helix of Snowballs Animated Lights

Update January 3, 2016: You can find then now at E.V.E’s Marketstore.

Inspired in snowballs, sea bubbles and DNA Helix, the Dancing Helix of Snowballs… 384 more words


The blueprint of life: DNA

You and I are largely physical products of the genetic information passed down to us from our ancestors through our biological parents. The fact that all the members of your family share a certain resemblance is no accident… you all share pretty similar genetic material. 1,644 more words

Science In Plain English


         the nucleic acid containing
                  the genetic instructions
used in the development
         and functioning of all known
living organisms
                           : hydrogen
                           carbon… 193 more words


Helix #2

When I had my tongue pierced I also had my helix pierced again just underneath my previous one, which makes it a double helix. I knew what to expect in terms of pain and the cleaning process etc.  223 more words


Surviving Armageddon

hope evaporates in the haze,
of these bitter vermilion days,
the earth whimpers in mute despair,
humanity lies cold and bare, eyes still ablaze,

both predator and dangled bait, 84 more words


CiM colour testing: Charlotte and Limelight

These are both very pretty transparents.

Limelight is a clean, cool green with no hints of yellow. Charlotte is a warm pink that is saturated enough to hold its own. 452 more words


Double-Helix Beauty

When I was a child, my speech, feelings, and thinking were those of a child; now that I am grown I have no more use for those childish ways. 22 more words