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Double Helix Stairway to Heaven

My musing for the day ~ from the origin of life, through all the steps of evolution, to the rise of the capability of Consciousness to become of conscious itself, the DNA strand is the Stairway to Heaven that we are collectively climbing. 517 more words


The DNA of Prose

Are there enough words?

The unique form of every human and every living thing we know of is derived from the sequencing of four basic nucleobases: adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. 200 more words


Day 752: The Ascent of Man

The book The Ascent of Man is a companion piece to the 1970’s era TV series. The introduction to the book states that the series was an answer to Kenneth Clarke’s famous… 320 more words


Middle School Biology: DNA Structure

It’s not easy, but making DNA out of beads is a rewarding way to ensure that students never forget the basic structure of the DNA double helix.  59 more words

Science Education

Benefits of Double Helix Water

Many people have heard about double helix water but don’t know what it is or how they can benefit from it. Also called stable water clusters, … 228 more words



‘fields of gold’,

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that our hearts were fields of gold because we had sown to the Spirit and not to the flesh! 578 more words

Jabez's Prayer

Book Review: When the Silence Ends by Jade Kerrion


Dum and Dee, brother and sister, mutant and human, survivors of three tragedies; the murder of their father, the death of their mother and the fall of Elysium, the haven for those who society had rejected. 599 more words