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Double Helix Oscillator

I’ve been wanting to fine-tune the image of the Double Helix Oscillator, that I used in the Patch Chart I created and, today, I finally got around to doing just that. 50 more words

Glossary – DNA – Deoxyribonucleic Acid

What is DNA and why do I care?

Good questions. Let’s take a look at the answer in general, then why we use DNA for genealogy. 1,254 more words


Double Helix Oscillator - overview

Sylvia and I have only had the “Double Helix Oscillator” for a day and a half and we’re really enjoying it. The build quality in their “Stucture 270” Case is first-rate. 380 more words

The "Double Helix Oscillator"

Over these last several months, after buying 3 small Synthesizers, Sylvia pointed out that I wouldn’t be satisfied until we got a “Modular”.

Sixty years of marvels: The world after the discovery of the double helix

Sixty years have passed since the marvelous discovery of the well celebrated mystery that lies in the core of biological sciences. Back then, no one had thought how this achievement would shape our world. 1,116 more words



This is probably a well known fact amongst those who love science but not everyone will know about it.

It’s commonly believed that James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix shape of DNA but that’s not true. 56 more words


DNA Dangles

I thought I would do something true to my inner scientist this week: Double Helix earrings. I first created a double helix stamp by transferring a laser-printed image of a DNA onto the clay using a water/rubbing method. 47 more words

Polymer Clay