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Calling Captain Picard

If only Captain Picard had written this book…..I’m sure he would have double checked for spelling and grammar errors and would have tasked some of his amazing personnel with editing this book thoroughly. 252 more words

Homochirality – how I believe it originated

In a previous post I issued a challenge that was issued prior to my talk to the Wellington Astronomical Society: can you work out how homochirality arose in life? 857 more words

Double Helix

Lebron 12 Double Helix

With all these colorways coming the hype to keep the lebron12s exciting is not losing its luster. The launch of the double helix should not disappoint.





Silent Hill Homecoming : Going home is always good. . . . .NOT. . . . . . (Searching)

Welcome to my second day of replaying Homecoming for the fifth time, this article will cover up the few parts of my game play until the point where i finish my play through because i need to browse something on my internet sites, so, i’m going to share to you the experience of my walk through. 1,072 more words

Silent Hill Homecoming : Going home is always good. . . . . . NOT. . . . . (Traveling)

note : this article will contain my first day of fifth time playing Silent hill : Homecoming (yes, celebrating my fifth time playing this one, and still one of my favorite Silent Hill games (aside Origins), so sometimes, a little. 1,182 more words

Origin of life, and a challenge!

Here is a chance to test yourself as a theoretician. But do not worry if you cannot solve this. Most people will not, and I predict nobody will, but prove me wrong! 988 more words

Planetary Formation And Biogenesis