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Adventures in Double-Knitting - Vernetzt

Another Shawl-in-a-Ball project – this time, I’m moving away from the brioche style knitting and taking another run at double-knitting.¬† I’ve only knit a few double-knit projects, so am not very experienced (and that’s why it’s classified as “new techniques”).¬† 217 more words


Double Knitting Tips and Tricks

Double knitting is a really cool technique where the fabric is reversible. Both sides are “Right Sides”. Typically the pattern is the same on both sides, but the colors are reversed or a mirror of each other. 822 more words


Making a sweater bigger

This sweater has a story. A saga, almost. The Too Long:Didn’t Read version: I began it, ran out of yarn, pursued a stranger over the internet until she agreed to sell me some yarn, but by the time all this had happened and I’d finished it, it was too small for its recipient. 112 more words


Double Knitting technique

I have been working on some designs using double-knitting technique, to create a reversible colourwork fabric resulting in two layers of stockinette stitch back to back, but with the colours reversed. 1,427 more words


Double Knit Doctor Who Scarf

This scarf was another late Christmas present for my Granddad (returning visitors to the blog may notice a theme of late presents as I take on too many projects at once). 625 more words


Double knitting 

I just finished my third DK project. I’m got the knitting down pretty good but the cast on and off look bad.

This is my first project, I got the chart off the internet and used the kitchener method to bind off. 124 more words


All of Me, box

‘All of Me’ is a series of knits with symbolize images of my life with Meher Baba:

His Samadi & its Threshold, the ‘Mastery in Servitude’ symbol, and his hand writing for the word ‘I’. 71 more words

Meher Baba