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Is knitting killing me?

I don’t mean in some crazed and frenzied knitting needle death-by-a-thousand pokes kind of murder, but rather a slow sedentary death (“NO, don’t get up and go for a walk, you just have 20 rows left!”)  If you have read a newspaper, listened to the radio or gone on the internet, you must have heard that sitting is KILLING us. 773 more words


The Storm Mountain DK Hat

Nova Scotians are digging out after yet another massive storm, with some parts of the province having received upwards of 50cm of snow.  Add to that the 70km/hr winds, and most of us  are now tunneling through drifts much taller than ourselves! 194 more words

Pattern Highlight


Well, we are gearing up for out little retreat at the end of May (29-31) here in Wakefield. Maureen is deciding on the menu, Kathryn is mixing her colours and I’m writing up my classes and knitting samples. 498 more words


Minions, Deer, and Elephant Socks

My last knitting update was back at the end of January, which seems like a really long time ago, but in reality it isn’t. I have finished a few things since then so thought I would share them with you. 500 more words


Springtime Stitch Pattern - Star/Flower Stitch

I found this beautiful new-to-me stitch pattern on Pinterest called “Star Stitch” but it looks more like flowers to me.  It’s a perfect partner for this sunny hand painted yarn to create a field of flowers on my new sock so I can dream of spring while it is dismally cold and grey outside. 181 more words


Let's not talk about the weather, OK?

Here’s what I am working on today.  It is going to be hugely warm as I am using Lamb’s Pride Bulky.  Not what the pattern calls for, but what i had near at hand in a generous quantity.   198 more words


Double Knitting and New Challenges...

Well, by now some of you are well into the Double Knitting project.  Kudos to you all.  This is a wonderful technique and has many uses… 159 more words

Double Knitting