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Similar atmosphere☆そっくりな雰囲気

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again ♪

It was really a fun opportunity to play live shows in Japan! 222 more words

En & Jp

Leading A Double Life

To that one person, you know who you are. You live your life leading a double life. You act one way in front of everyone, maybe you even have more than one mask depending who you’re with but that’s for another day. 301 more words


The Scare

I am reconciling myself to the fact that I love my sense of dissatisfaction.

I can never have enough of these wants. There are some things in the world whose ideal form keeps growing on me, and which, for a time, I was not sure how I should indulge. 673 more words

Of Personal And Familial Matters


It’s not boredom or a lack
of better things to do, nor
is it sociopathic tendencies.
It’s being in control of what everyone sees.

It’s being afraid to be the real me. 31 more words


In Japan☆日本にて

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Yes, I’m currently in Japan (of course, with my physical body, lol). 222 more words


Digital Lurve

Down in a basement, a shark is swimming
in digital seas within screens.  Smelling
blood from the words of the brokenhearted.
A world filled with unsuspecting targets. 170 more words

Double life

When we are not ourselves we end up living a double life, where there could be one mask for work and one for home.

In fact, we could have multiple masks, but inside we just want to have one and show it to the world always. 24 more words