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DIY Double-point Knitting Needles Case

While I use this blog to share my creative projects, I have a separate blog that is dedicated to all of my knitting endeavors: Knitting Nandu… 45 more words


DIY Double-point Knitting Needles Case

I love how crafting is such a fun outlet for my creative expression. I love it even more when it also serves as an expression of my problem-solving skills! 277 more words

Double Point Needles

Hip Hip Hooray for Hippo! Knitted Hippo Toy

I’ve always had a soft spot for hippos, although I’m not sure if it’s because of the dancing hippo ballerinas from Disney’s Fantasia, or because of my love for the game Hungry, Hungry Hippos. 258 more words

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Harry the Hedgehog~~ Knitted Hedgehog Toy

There’s a Korean saying that says, “Even a hedgehog thinks her young are soft and glossy” (고슴도치도 제 새끼는 함함하다). It’s basically the Korean version of the English proverb, “The crow thinks her own birds fairest,” and a version of the well-known saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 159 more words

Stuffed Toys

Sewing!...At Morris and Sons!...Really?

It’s a busy blog post today. We have a caption winner. It’s also time to take it up a notch in the woolly world of… 661 more words

New Books And Patterns

Resolution Recap #1

Wait! Where did January go? Actually, if one wasn’t looking at a calendar one would probably not know it was February. It’s still cold and snowy. 213 more words