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Hot glue a DPN case in 20

One felt square and 3/4 yard of ribbon make a sturdier (and cuter) case for your double-pointed needles than the plastic package in which they came to you. 230 more words

Rose and Thorn Madness

That wooshing sound you’ve been hearing all week? ┬áThat’s been me knitting Rose and Thorn Socks by Ronni Smith, the second round of Sock Madness Ten… 412 more words

The Inner Struggle Of A Sock Addict

Knitting socks is a personal event, not a hobby, but an actual event, like a personal war against those who would drive a knitter insane. I have knitted my own personal set of socks successfully, but many of them are a hard fought win or, mostly, a dismal failure. 615 more words

Must... stop... knitting!

Right. This must be my final project before I have my baby. Only have a day left and have a long list of jobs around the house that need to be done. 108 more words


Money Makes the Yarn Go Around

Having a hobby is great! Having to fund it is not. It would be quite easy to over hear parts of a conversation with a crafter and assume they were talking about drugs, with their stash and hunting for needles, they do go missing a lot… And another similarity that could be drawn is the issue of needing to get the money together. 500 more words

3-stitch i-cord bracelet

Let’s get this (tea) party started.┬áMy first post on my brand-new knitting blog. YAY!

Who says we have to outgrow that summer-camp mentality where craft sessions are fun and provide such an empowering creative outlet? 1,052 more words

Fingers deserve to be warm

There are so many knitters who hate putting the fingers on gloves that most of the patterns for hand accessories are for mittens and gloves without the fingers. 489 more words