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One Sock Down

Admittedly I probabably should have chosen an easier pattern for my first full fledged sock but here I am, done with the first Smocked Guernsey Sock. 104 more words


Friends are like circular needles

Like a knitted Cast On to your circular needles you create a chain. A long chain of life’s events, your up’s and your down’s. Chains filled with your youth, friendships, adulthood, marriage, and family. 164 more words

Double Pointed Needles

Feeling Cheesy

Surprised by my husband, totally side railed, I had no idea that he had been working on a new novel. He said he had a present for me and as ridiculous as it sounds I thought he was playing.   178 more words

Double Pointed Needles

Is it Ever to Late to Follow a Trend?

When your a lone knitter you have to find out on your own what’s going on in the crafting world. Which brings me to why I started reaching out via social media. 287 more words

Double Pointed Needles

Knits: WIP, aka my knit hiatus?

After I finished my knitting project/gift for a friend, (which you can see here) I lost my mojo.

I have no idea why, maybe I just burnt out from knits and purls? 184 more words


Rockin' the Dino

What an exciting year as we welcome a little one, my nephew, into the family after 8 years. The joy he has brought into our lives is over whelming.

335 more words
Double Pointed Needles

Finals Are Done! Knitting...Well, more next week...

Four rows this week…understandable, considering, well, final exams. Nothing too hard, but nothing too easy, either…only a cumulative essay and a test over the last book I barely finished, a strong desire to read and knit for pleasure and a portfolio to finish for a class in which the final exam consists of meeting for food–and since none of us are certain of our standing…50% of our grade is our final portfolio, we all showed up, ate food and listened to a story–a fascinating story. 350 more words