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Editing Tip #67

Manuscript Formatting Secrets, Pt. 1 ~

In Editing Tip #40 I cover how it’s best to create a template for your manuscript before you begin writing, so that you won’t have to fidget with margins, heading & body text styles after you’ve completed your story. 478 more words


Here Are The Things You're Putting On Your Resume That Make You Sound Old

Earlier today, Sarah and Vinnie went over a list discussing the things you might be adding to your resume that are making you sound old. 251 more words


Double Space, I Hardly Knew Ye

I’m always afraid I’m going to be found out.

I’m that guy in the movies who’s walking backward against the current and the only thing saving me from annihilation is that somehow the other berks in the matrix haven’t scented me out yet. 735 more words


One space or two?

I sometimes find myself angsting about minutiae.  Today, it is the humble space bar.  How many times do I strike it between sentences?

I’m not old enough to have ever used a typewriter, except for that period in high school when I convinced my mom that a typewriter would help get my creative writing juices flowing better than the computer.   257 more words


Interlude: Stylistic Woes

Just a brief bit of whining before getting to work. I have been utterly crushed to learn, recently, that my instruction to double space after a concluding mark of punctuation, is largely considered wrong and something only messily introduced in the age of the typewriter. 217 more words


Spaces, Standards, and the Great Republic

I double space between sentences.

There.  I’ve said it.  I’ve picked “a side”.

Before you condemn me to a sense of utter and complete moral wrong, to cast me out in an outrage so tall that it could out-reach the Ice Bucket Challenge, hear me out. 1,735 more words

Philosophy And.

Single Space vs Double Space

In my search for an editor, I happened upon a piece of advice on manuscript submission – always use single spaces after a period. I’d heard about the single space vs double space battle, yet even though I’d heard about it, I’d never really thought about how it might affect my own work. 251 more words