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her working melody

how is it, sir
that still you have not heard her voice
though she speaks
though she sings?

fear not, 
for surely one day you will hear… 34 more words

Here's a Little Post I Wrote, You Might Want to Read It, Just a Note, Don't Worry, Be Happy...

Greetings, Sobmissive Sisters!  Happy Labor Day Weekend, girls.  Hope your three day holiday is filled with BBQ, picnics, family and friends.  Watch out for mayo in the potato salad, though—ya’ don’t want food poisoning to spoil your fun.  610 more words

Submissive Women

No "Salad Tossing" Allowed! Seriously...Ew.

Greetings, Sobmissive Sisters, and Happy Saturday to you all.  I know it’s the middle of August, and still summertime, but it was chilly this morning in ol’ Wyoming.  603 more words

Submissive Women

Oh Where, Oh Where, has Ol' Sally Gone; Where, Oh Where Could She Be?

Greetings, Sobmissive Sisters!  Whew!  Let me clear the dust out of here before I settle back in and update y’all on where I’ve been for the past four months… 761 more words

Submissive Women

Oreo Stuffed Cookies & A Cupcake As Big As My Head

This week has been a sweet-a-thon, eating adventure, splurgy fest for my birthday and I wanted to squeeze it all in before the week’s posts are finished!  422 more words


The Return of Bumble

Greetings Sobmissive Sisters.  Sadly, I didn’t land my man on Focus Friday.  I didn’t despair.  A submissive woman always holds her head high, even when she hasn’t been owned in what seems like forever–that’s a tip, ladies.  584 more words

Submissive Women