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Impersonating a tree

I like to pretend that I am a tree,

Dropping yellow leaves on people I see.

They think it’s fall but it really is not, 140 more words

Rhyming Story

Penis hat

I was trundling past a weird little street kiosk that sold birthday cards and random tourist items when I did a double take.

No… It couldn’t be… Could it?! 60 more words


Well I never....!

Let me tell you a story.

There I was…out for a stroll with my crew.

Doing crew type things.

Like normal.

When suddenly I just had to double take… 59 more words


LOTD 3 - Roads

One of my favorite events is one that happens every month, the Fameshed event. I love this because of the sheer diversity of any designers who participate. 211 more words


It's My Birthday and I'll..... No Wait! My Birthday is in April

Do you every have one of those days where you cannot decide which outfit to wear and you stand there staring at your closet and what it holds and think to yourself “Why must this be so hard?” I had one of those very moments today. 176 more words

**Cute Bytes**

Sunlit Samurai

We Love Roleplay opened today, and although the round is a little sparse on menswear, this month has a rich array of other roleplay-friendly items for men (and of course, women roleplayers as well). 419 more words


A Slight Detour

Sitting in rain reminded us why we live in a camper in the first place. We can go ANYWHERE we want WHENEVER we want. Specifically to avoid unpleasant weather. 1,075 more words