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Sunday Funnies - New KittyScape Hotel and More...

Good morning…

Checkers here… I am so happy to announce that I am featured in the new KittyScape Hotel painting that HH just completed.  Yes.  You see my new cafe, The Mousetrap Cafe, is right next door to the hotel… You can see it in the painting and there I am on the top of the cafe…  I so love it when I get a little attention. 148 more words

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Sunday Funnies - DOUBLE TROUBLE - The Adventures of Bugsy and Knuckles

…More Craziness Over Here…

Bugsy here...

Good Morning everybuddy. Today the Crazy Cat Lady script was sent in by Janet Cherry, HH’s good friend from Virginia… She came up with a good one and we all thank her for it. 129 more words

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Sunday Funnies - DOUBLE TROUBLE: The Adventures of Bugsy and Knuckles

Bugsy here….  I guess you saw my wonderful photo on FaceBook… or if you didn’t here I am… Yes, it’s the ultimate box picture.  The only thing better than a box is a box with some brown packing paper in it to make a… 263 more words

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Sunday Funnies - DOUBLE TROUBLE- Crazy Cat Lady Cartoons Continue

The cartoon this week was inspired by A Tonk’s Tail err… Tale

Thanks so much Tonk’s Tail for filling in the blank… Here’s what they submitted… 133 more words

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Double Trouble

Whether they like it

while pretending not to, or

whether they pretend

to like it even though they don’t,

either way spells trouble.


Sunday Funnies - DOUBLE TROUBLE - HH sang to us...

Knuckles here…. GUESS WHAT?

Friday, July 31, 2015, was our 5th birthday.  Yes,… Bugsy and I are litter mates so we have the same birthday and it was last Friday.  195 more words

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Win a Crazy Catch for your netball club to celebrate Sasha Corbin's unveiling as a Crazy Catch ambassador

“Crazy Catch the ultimate rebound net is delighted to announce their new brand ambassador. Sasha Corbin, the England Netball star and Hertfordshire Mavericks captain will be joining us to expand the popularity of this unique training aid in the netball world.” 243 more words

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