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White Wedding 5


(Needs some special quilting though.)


Floral Wedding 18


Wonder what else can be used to create the lines of the Double Wedding Ring.

I have used flowers and beads, and I think I played a bit with bubbles or small circles too.Maybe stars … or is that┬átaking the “what if … ” question too far?


Wisconsin Quilt Museum Exhibit

In a few short weeks, this exhibit will be closing at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum.

It has been great fun to have my quilts for the first time ever as part of an exhibit. 356 more words


After Pompeii 43 and 44

Missed it by that much!

Thank you, WordPress, for the reminder that this blog is now seven years old.

I started with a design which became this series in September, 2008, and promised a virtual quilt design every day. 180 more words


After Pompeii 15

Like the separated blocks in the border, but not the corners, but do like the corners inside the border!


Double Wedding String of Beads

2005 – 2015 (Quilt top only)

This quilt top was tossed into a corner many moons ago because I was not happy with the method I chose to stitch those beads on. 223 more words


Quilting Thread and Beads 5

Love it.

I fell in love with String of Beads soon after I discovered patchwork and quilting 30 years ago. Inspired by a black and white picture in a book I started scribbling strings of beads on scraps of paper and in note books, scrap books, and eventually even in sketch books. 123 more words