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A Quiet Place | DoubleTake by REGGIE WOLTZ

It’s for the Kids


Gimmicks in horror movies are a dime-a-dozen. The sheer number of found footage films intending to recreate the success of The Blair Witch Project should be enough evidence of that. 637 more words

Gallant Gold Media

Bailed Up

All bailed up
hiding in the bales,
peeking out.
Bush rangers
carry out their phased attack
unfazed and brazen.

By Sarah ©2018

Author’s Note: (Source: Art Gallery Of NSW, accessed 14 April 2018, ref.

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Poetry By Sarah

Aster, Issue #3 - Birthday

Aster followed a commercial jetliner’s flight path to the edge of the Ash Barrens. Dropping into a nosedive, she broke the sound barrier before turning back to face the city. 1,689 more words


Birthday Call (Episode 9 Sneak Peak Web EXCLUSIVE)

Ahead of Thursday’s new episode, BIRTHDAY, here is a web exclusive for the new installment of Aster, Issue 3

Aster, Issue #3 – Birthday Prologue… 1,278 more words


Quadruple Take

The Cliffs of Faustini are a beautiful sight, but less so when you’re falling to your death. Though it isn’t the fall that kills any of us. 2,118 more words


5 - Cliffhanger (Stories)

Are you ready to have to wait for the next episode to get the resolution you crave? Then have we got a show for you! 108 more words


Cliffs of Faustini - Part 1

“Are we there yet?” asked Doubletake. His boots were propped up on the high back of a steel chair. He was maybe twenty. had a runner’s physique, and dark spiky hair. 2,200 more words