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Dark & Light

Dark within darkness, cloud within a cloud,
when every way is hidden and comfort is a shroud,
when shadows deepen blackly
in the byways of the night… 238 more words

4 Goals for this blog

Above all, this blog is my attempt to try out writing. I’m not really a trained writer, so working out this blog will take experimentation and variation as it goes on.  850 more words


That Nagging Feeling....

So I’ve been a stay-at-home Wife/Mother for a little over a  year now.

It all started in the middle of the summer, last year, in Tacoma, right around the time we went on our Grand Adventure of a camping trip for my birthday weekend (which is Memorial Day mind your, so it’s usually crazy! 2,319 more words


Chemical dreams

Sometimes it is the silence that stops me from sleeping.

When I am alone in a closet of noiselessness, the absence of distractions is unsettling. It’s just me, my heartbeat and my chemical brain running riot and bouncing from wall to wall within me. 242 more words

Spaces In-between

mirror conversations

i just realized that i haven’t written anything since we broke up.

have you ever stood in front of your bathroom mirror for 20 minutes just having a full conversation with yourself? 277 more words


Defeating Doubt


A successful day lies behind. Sleep is within reach. I am still. Suddenly…


It hits me like a wave. This feeling. Out of nowhere and uninvited. 672 more words


We'd be a walking disaster

This song feels pretty relevant to me right now, especially the warning “Don’t reach out.” I’m sure that’s good advice. I should probably follow it. 314 more words