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validating the circle to a circle of 'fuck you validation' is the giant 'how to do'.

In today’s time and age where every single action of yours is scrutinised and seen, there is no place to hide. What I have noticed is there is no place for you to form yourself, to be or to become a You- a unique and distinctive person. 366 more words

Living for You

I said I wasn’t going to do this.
But I can’t wait any longer.

Writing is a part of my life.

When something is in my head, 76 more words


I know everyone has went through it at some point in life.  Uncertainty.  It is haunting me at the moment, and I’m just not sure what to do anymore.   317 more words

coming for you

while rain pours
out from heaven,
am i still your
favorite? distraction—
books about you,
voices & feet loud
with demand, make
me cry with rebellion. 230 more words

Silent Creeper

Silent Creeper

It comes from no where
Creeping in silently behind closed doors
Lurking in every shadow,
It knows no boundaries . . .

It waits for the moment you let your guard down… 61 more words


Going Within: On Doubt


“I integrated an inner child aspect today who felt ‘powerless to the control of others’. She sat in front of me at 8 years old.

65 more words

Press On

As Religious Education teachers, As Catechists, As Sunday School Teachers, whatever title you give yourself….We are human

We are children of God

and we struggle at times, even those who can quote scripture, at times have doubts… 68 more words