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In the dark..

A deep , dark stormy night

Against the shadows of a tiny light;

Tell me there is a story in the deep ,

Waiting to be heard before I sleep. 48 more words


A Vibrant Conversation with the Living God

Closing (Saturday)

It’s been another fun week of digging through scripture to hear the word that God is speaking to us today. When we dive into the Word and start investigating the trail of inspiration and hope that it has left throughout the years, we are engaging in a vibrant conversation with the living God. 332 more words


A Pool of Water in a Pavement Desert

This night came slipping in like the world was pulling a dark blanket up over her sleepy head. I left the children in the yard at sunset, the dog bounding along beside me into the woods. 1,162 more words


When Sarah Doubted God

Have you ever doubted God’s hidden presence in your life or experienced an “impossible dream” because of God’s love for you?

Genesis 18:1-15 (Sarah’s laugh) 709 more words

Doubt yourself!

We should doubt what we know and believe. Because a lot of the things that seem to be true are not really true. We see that happening all the time in our life. 782 more words

Chase !!

nothing escapes death , although once life did and is still on the run . . .



In the midst of our fears, our anxieties, our worries, our dilemmas, there is a stillness.  There is a wholeness.  There is everything we could ever need.   538 more words