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The loneliest times...

…are when it seems that everybody is asleep except you. Late at night or early in the morning when plagued by the chatter of my mind, checking on whatsapp to see if anyone was online recently just to engage in some kind of conversation that will distract me from my own inner monologue. 277 more words



In this first post of the re_definitions series, I am talking about God. This one has the biggest scope, but my hope is to explain who/what I think about when I think about “God.” This is for me as much as anyone else. 697 more words

How Do We Know?

A question mark
rests on your brow.
Your face contorts,
twitches and shakes
alike your voice
asking me, “How?”

How do we know
if this is it? 122 more words


God Knows Exactly What to Do

I thought I was making good progress when it came to trusting in God’s ways. I wrote about the topic several months ago. I’ve been striving to let the Lord lead me to the places He wants to take me, even if that means traversing a very different road than I would have thought. 2,541 more words


Watching God

I spend a lot of time wanting to see God — to truly see Him, face to face. I want to ask Him questions about humanity and why some things are the way they are. 489 more words


Walking With Fear in the Midst of the Unknown

Okay, truth time. I am a truly terrible cook. I mean, absolutely awful. People are actually relieved when they find out I had dinner delivered instead of making it myself. 834 more words


If you thought...

If you thought you knew him

he could be read like a book

Seeing is believing baby

turn the page –

take a look

If you thought you loved him…

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Kait King