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Belief In Jesus No Matter What?

A critical question every Christian should ask themselves is this: is there anything that would make you not believe in Christianity? For many, the answer is at the ready before the question can fully be asked. 574 more words

Amored By God

Defending the Greenness of Grass

Truths turn into dogmas the instant that they are disputed. Thus every man who utters a doubt defines a religion. And the skepticism of our time does not really destroy the beliefs, rather it creates them; gives them their limits and their plain and defiant shape. 183 more words


Walked In Faith

Walked In Faith
by Michael Romani

Acknowledging Him in all we do
Motivated are we, me and you
To stand by our faith in the Lord
Moving without doubt and forward 
To live our lives as believers
Free falling dreamers and conceivers

Until doubt comes crashing in
Breaking down our walls as we sin
In degrees of separation from Him
In a hurricane of a desperate whim
We hold on tight until faith prevails
Assured in the truth that time reveals

Our humble home serves the Lord alone
Softened to humility not made of stone
Walking the paths of loving and quiet bliss
Dependent on mercy and tenderness
Traveling together hand in hand
Following our calling and purpose as planned

Leaning not on ourselves but on reliance
In God's truth, understanding and guidance
From the moment that we first arise
Wiping sleep from our starry, blurry eyes
Trusting in the Lord to keep me steady
Following the path where He's led me

Living life at the foot of the eternal cross
I find my grace in the face of all my loss
Living my example from the East to the West
Living as a servant to the Lord and not a guest
I accept His covering of all that I've done
Making my peace and resting in the Son

Trying to reconcile the differences in incident
Quietly convinced that there are no accidents
I whisper a smile at the subtle interventions
Confident that I'll survive my frustrations
Living by faith step by step as I walk
Fleshly construed but living my best talk

Non-conditional promises set up the premise
That living by trust reveals the light you can't miss
Sometimes all there is left for us to try and do
Is to seek to believe when we can't and keep the view
That the sinner who offers himself in full sincerity
Is the man who has finally found his way to clarity

(c) October 18, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved
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