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If you thought...

If you thought you knew him

he could be read like a book

Seeing is believing baby

turn the page –

take a look

If you thought you loved him…

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Kait King Author


I let you so far in that you’ve made a home of the darkest corners of my mind

you feed on my misery and invite yourself to the pity parties that I throw… 33 more words


Blocked Writer

Blocked Writer
by YaliniDream

When you know your potential

are hungry to fullfill it

yet find yourself having to fight each step of the way… 111 more words


10 Catalyst Conference TakeAways

Don’t you give your life to something small. –Andy Stanley

Andy is telling the story of the man who would walk into the room every Tuesday and ask him, “Watcha workin on big?”….and I’m dreaming for my own children. 842 more words


"He Chose Me!"

Please bear with me, but I have often connected the physical deformities of others to my own spiritual deformity from sin. Much of my young religious training taught me that when I sinned, my soul received a black stain. 443 more words


And doubling and doubling and doubling back

“Ever since Michel de Montaigne, the founder of the modern essay, gave as a motto his befuddled “What do I know?” and put forth a vision of humanity as mentally wavering and inconstant, the essay has become a meadow inviting contradiction, paradox, irresolution and self-doubt. 54 more words


I did a thing.

So I bought tickets to New Orleans for my fall break.

I bought them purely on a whim. I have this app called Hitlist that tells me about deals on flights and I was talking to my friend who recently bought tickets. 168 more words