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recently i have been feeling really lost. i can’t seem to work things out well enough or get enough done. i feel like i am floating around and not really achieving much. 61 more words

A First Attempt at Poetry: Diavoli


Sometimes, just lately,
Everything turns to black.
Right when you think you’ve made it out,
They reach out and claw you back in.

Demons cackle as you struggle. 130 more words


Here there be darkness

I have an awesome
singing voice,
but only
in my own head.
I’m an engaged
but only
to my own ideas.
I am good, 67 more words


In the Trenches: Tips for a First Draft

So I’m writing again, which is… awesome. Scary, always, but awesome.

But, as always, it means I’m in my head too much, constantly analyzing and worrying and working to psych myself up. 1,129 more words


Our competent adult

Sometimes it happens. You may recognize you are in a conflict situation, quite absurd, while you don’t understand how you found yourself in it…

A person behaves in a questionable way with you, apparently specifically to hurt you. 1,066 more words


Prayer for Today

Lenten season challenge: Read the scriptures that are referenced at the bottom of each prayer every day during this Lenten season!


March 6, 2015

Father, I know that without faith it is impossible to please You, but doubt often come in and shakes my faith in You. 215 more words


Burning hearts

While I’m traveling, I asked some friends to answer a question: What’s the story related to Jesus that is most compelling for you? Today’s post is from Paul Merrill. 315 more words

Bible Reading