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Thank You, Brain Researchers (You Might Have Told Me This 20 Years Ago)

I attend a talk at lunchtime today on “Trauma-Informed Approaches to Health Care.” It was given by a woman who heads up a county program that trains health care providers, juvenile justice professionals, teachers and school staff, and others who work with adolescents about trauma. 686 more words


Blind Dreams

Recently I’ve been facing my worst enemy, a fierce on the is consuming me inside out. Myself. A version of myself i tried so hard not to bring out, that man who is full of doubts. 219 more words


patience is all one can have. yet i feel that since i know what i want to achieve. where i want to go. what i deserve. 79 more words


Decor Office With Different Sorts Of Workstations

There is no doubt that workstations are an important part of any office. These play a vital role in decorating an office. With the stylish and latest designer workstations available in the market, you can perk up the whole ambiance fruitfully. 121 more words

Foolish heart

Foolish heart yearns for the stone cold ones for it to to broken again and again. Oh foolish heart! Mend yourself. Stop giving in on every turn and messing up the resolutions. 270 more words

"Aspiring" Writer

One topic I’ve seen a lot lately is the discussion wrapped around calling yourself a writer. Not an aspiring writer, but a writer.

I think I understand where this advice is coming from. 472 more words

Artist Doubt

As you are creating a piece of art, it is natural to doubt. The inner monologue goes something like, “Did I get that shadow right? I just erased too much! 424 more words