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3 Reasons: Why Doubting Yourself and Insecurity Stunts Mental Growth


Self-Doubt, leading to low self-esteem, is a highly contagious and infecting disease. It can stifle you, break you, change you, and, well, its usually not for “the better.” Many of us have heard the sayings, “you’re your own worst enemy” and “you’re your biggest critic.” I’m hear to tell you…It’s accurate. 429 more words

Scorpio New Moon: Doubt

I take it as a given that most people in the West live on a flat Earth. With no value for the nuances of language and mathematics which have engineered their technology, or the cultural capital of their Christian history, they are unable to sustain the emergent reality they have inherited from the commitment of their ancestors, let alone build on it. 1,081 more words

Moon Phases

In talking about love

In talking about love she often paused,
Looking forlorn, choosing words then for
Intensity, not using her hands.

Instead, trying to steady herself upon the… 75 more words


Escaping the Winters; Changing Faith

Being born in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, you might assume I have some sort of inherent, natural tolerance, or even an affinity, for cold weather. 2,208 more words



(There is a loss that feels much like defeat: The loss of control over what we had deemed our own, the relinquishment of the throne and reign over our own lives. 238 more words


The Force of Habit

A real friendship is known each other’s flaws and imperfections and still stick together no matter what. It is supporting each other, and always bring out the best in each other. 834 more words


It Is A Dead Branch That Will Not Bend

Sometimes I think most spiritual practice comes down to this instruction: try not to be defensive. Lao Tzu was right: it is a dead branch that will not bend. 260 more words