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What If?

What if I told you to let me be, to let me go, cause I need you to see…

That I don’t need you to rely on anymore. 672 more words


I Think...

“I love you,” he fell into a deep silent as she gasped at his sudden confession. She tried to meet his eyes, to find any hint of lies, but then he continued, “…I think.” 30 more words

Random Story


I have always been enough for me, when it is just me.

Now, I fear I won’t be enough for someone else – how do I fit the mould of what they want, when I can only just offer me as I am. 290 more words

Write down doubts and certainties to live an examined faith

by Bill Tammeus  National Catholic Reporter

It turns out “I could be wrong.” may be a good place to start.

A small c catholic: If we are to own the faith in a personal way, we must put our doubts, questions and certainties into our own words.

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Beasts of Emotions

Fear has moved in with me, although I don’t remember even inviting the little bastard for a visit. He is a loud clamorous pasty-faced imp that stands on chairs and shouts his admonitions constantly in a whiney nasally voice. 730 more words



Feel the whisper
in the ocean,
find the answers
know the how.

Touch me now
take me whole,
feed me love
’til I understand.

Shifting sand… 22 more words


NON FICTION: Life's Biggest Goal

Via Daily Prompt: Cling


I can’t polish a blank page, which is why I actually started writing this piece — I wanted to prove to myself that I couldn’t polish crap either. 662 more words

Non Fiction