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Dear Spock: Am I confident enough to be a writer?

Dear Spock,

I think this might be a uniquely human problem, so your perspective will be very much appreciated. How would you go about interacting with people online, if you are a critic-turned-writer? 1,972 more words

Saturday Morning Musing

It is always good to believe in yourself. When it comes down to it, nothing but believing in yourself is going to keep you working on something difficult when you continuously encounter setbacks and challenges that make you wonder if you should just give up. 910 more words


To The Wonder

Let me clarify something: I am not an expert outdoorsman. I am not an experienced mountain climber. I am not even that good of a camper. 3,688 more words

5000 Words Or Less

Go With What You Have

Gideon was in a winepress threshing wheat. I’m sure since it was a winepress and he was trying to thresh wheat it was a hard job because the place was most likely ill-equipped for wheat threshing.  228 more words

tell me a lie

and i’ll still believe

just as long as

you wouldn’t leave me.

i’ll pretend that i don’t know the truth

is that enough to make you stay? 49 more words


Beyond Reason Is Truth

When doubt assails you, it will try to make you feel that it is good to doubt. It will say, “Doubt as much as you can. 378 more words


Writing & Validation

*Written February 22nd, 2018

The publishing industry is huge. When you factor in small presses and indie (self-) publishing it gets a whole lot bigger. 449 more words