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"Stop reaching"

The lord surrounds me with light and warmth. He gives me hope, shelters me, nourishes me. He provides everything for me. Pure goodness. Pure light. I reject him. 271 more words

If Ever You Should Fall (A Letter to Myself)

If ever you should fall
On this path that you’ve chosen
Dust yourself off and before you carry on
Read these words for a moment… 124 more words


Believe in God or Trust in oneself??

Why are parents so keen to introduce kids to “their” God? Children in themselves are God…

And sooner than later…

An entity that is thrust onto the child..an entity, the child has absolutely no clue about.. 128 more words


The Big Question

The question every exchange student will constantly be asked on their year away is ‘why are you on exchange?’ Well naturally we say the first thing that comes into our heads: ‘ummmmmm’. 293 more words

amount and doubt

as it was heard

and showing

and feeling

and those of the extended

and what it longs

and heard of the turning

and how it edged… 27 more words


So, Here I Am

As I begin this post, I’m settled into seat 35A on United Airlines flight 863 with non-stop service from San Francisco to Sydney. It’s the last and considerably longest leg of my journey, and even though we’re no more than halfway into the flight, I can’t sit still. 811 more words



In the blue depths of your eyes,

do I find solace,

they draw me in and


against my

sea walls,



my debris… 54 more words