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Therefore (When you don't want to Go)

We’re in the Great Commission again (Matthew 28.16-20) and move on to our next key word: Therefore. After some instructions on finding rest for our weary souls, we delve into John chapter 6 and wrestle with our heart when we don’t want to go and fulfill the Great Commission. 7 more words



I am feeling so lazy today. It isn’t that I don’t have anything to do today, I am sitting and writing. I have a class in body alignment this afternoon for dance class. 525 more words

Life with questions and doubts

Every day in life, I wonder.

I wonder about everything.

Everything I did, do, will do, I always have questions and doubts regarding those actions. 64 more words

Welcoming Wonder: Day 1

A Noiseless, Patient Spider
Walt Whitman

A noiseless, patient spider, I mark’d, where, on a little promontory, it stood, isolated; Mark’d how,
to explore the vacant, vast surrounding, 842 more words


They Do Not Know My Ways

They Do Not Know My Ways

Life can seem  like such a puzzle.     We can know  that God is great  —  that He made all things  —  that He cares for us  —  that He is holy  and righteous  in all ways  —  that there is no other Lord  or God  —  that God knows all  of our thoughts  and deeds  —  and that obeying  His righteous commands  is the right way  for us  to live. 458 more words


An attack on faith is an insecurity of mind.

What is faith? Faith for me is about believing in something without concrete, or scientific evidence for it’s existence. I say ‘concrete’ and ‘scientific’ because in many ways the evidence of my faith, or at least the evidence of the consequences of my faith, at times can be very plain to see. 199 more words