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The Word of God does not depend on the majority

Your salvation does not depend on the opinions of a majority and neither does the Word of God depend on acceptance by the majority.

Do not get bothered by people who call good as evil and evil as good.

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God Is Always Faithful

If I’m honest, I have times of tremendous faith as well as times of plaguing doubt. I’m confident and I’m wavering. I trust completely and I wonder. 189 more words

Scriptural Perspective

Don't Forget to Breathe

A sermon based on 1 John 1:1-2:2 and John 20:19-31 preached on April 12th, 2015.

Happy Easter!

Today is what many in the Church refer to as… 1,573 more words

PHILIP'S BLOG: 5 ways to avoid assumptions

The process of noticing, doubting the meaning we’ve made, questioning to clarify our understanding, recognising the accuracy of our assumptions and then responding based on this information — even if it means admitting we’re wrong — is a discipline. 23 more words

Philip's Blog

Doubting Thomas?

‘I hate driving in the countryside at night’ said a friend who lived in the city. ‘The roads are so small and you never know what might be coming.’ Actually, of course, it’s far safer driving in the countryside at night because you can see a car’s headlights a mile away! 1,671 more words

Relationship more than doubt, Easter 2 2015

Thomas doubts (for a moment).  Which moments matter?

The lessons can be found by clicking here.  I worked most closely with John: 20:19-31. 13 more words