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What Does it Mean to be a Christian...

If you asked those that claim to be Christian ( I say claim because not everyone that claims it is and just think of the wolf in sheep’s clothing and some of them these days are not doing well to hide the wolf.) you would get many different answers to that question, however there are some truths that you must follow in order to fit that bill and no it is not being perfect because all of us fall way short everyday. 1,423 more words

Self Doubts about my Health

What if this is not Acid Reflux Disease?What if this a form of underlined Chrons disease? What if something major is masking itself with pitiful heart burn? 128 more words


Doubting Your Own Trauma History?

Does sometimes doubting that your own history is true make it untrue? Like… I have memories of sexual abuse. I have triggers connected to those memories, and I show signs of those incidents that others, even some people my own age (I m almost 15), pick up so that they understand what s happened… I have flashbacks that make me feel like my body is being raped or my mouth is filled with semen. 30 more words

Doubting Your Therapist

Does anyone get angry at their therapist or doubt their ability to handle their issues? I’ve constantly been plagued with the thought of “He can’t handle my sh*t.” I even had a dream about a session where my T had to stop and sent me home. 57 more words

#Wisdom from the.motivational.gent

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. | Edgar Allan Poe

by the.motivational.gent


The Word of God does not depend on the majority

Your salvation does not depend on the opinions of a majority and neither does the Word of God depend on acceptance by the majority.

Do not get bothered by people who call good as evil and evil as good.

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