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sign reading

me, in my white gown
beside myself with excitement
to reveal myself,
to give myself away to you
for the first & last time.

you, in your black & white… 69 more words


Quote of the Day #52

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”
Excerpt From: Riebe, Wolfgang. “100 Quotations to Make You Think!.” iBooks.

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How To Use Positive Affirmations To Deal With The Doubts

How To Use Positive Affirmations With Phil and Tom TV
To Deal With The Doubts
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Doubts are a normal part of business but how you handle those doubts… 16 more words

The world I've seen

As time has passed, the memories I’ve had are slowly fading away into nothing, but I don’t want to forget, for if I forget, those mundane days slowly disappear, but it is those mundane days that make up the majority of my life. 139 more words


A Prayer

I’m beginning to align myself with something like what reformed epistemologists believe: arguments for (or against) God’s existence are at best inconclusive. I’m not even sure where the burden of proof is, for I don’t know God’s inherent probability (God’s starting probability before any evidence is considered). 370 more words


The Writer's Block Troll by Aileen Harkwood

Today I have guest blogger Aileen Harkwood who has some great books coming out.  Thanks Aileen for being here today.  

Spit it out. Don’t obsess. Just write… 833 more words

Little Step

Worth. Value.
What does a person deserve?
How much?
Fate. Karma.
Do I build my life?
Or does it build me?
Questions. Doubts.
Are my fears bigger? 223 more words