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When aliens find the remnants of our inevitably doomed civilisation, I hope they at least read the Duffman wiki

Not for the first time, I need to start writing in order to make some kind of non-writing deadline, so that’s what I’m going to do. 732 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Facing the Unknown

So much has happened in my life recently. The excitement continues to build as I put the many pieces of the puzzle together. You know the puzzle. 269 more words

We Are The Reminder

It's in the Practice

Thinking back on all she had learned, she felt frustrated. And a little bit sad.

She knew God loved her.

She knew He was with her every moment. 538 more words

Short Stories

Calling it a day, because what else would you call it?

I slept more than zero hours but probably fewer than four last night. My body is still in the throes of the cold that I’ve had for the past week and a half. 844 more words


Just a vessel..

Thoughts come and go, but today’s different.

I am thinking of nothing, but I cannot focus on what I am doing.

Something’s going on inside of me, things that empties me of me. 117 more words


Future Tripping--Is it that serious?

For one of today’s “Future Tripping” Talks, Elizabeth Losh gave a talk called, “That was the News that Wasn’t: Fake News and the Culture of Simulation.” Throughout her talk, Losh gave various examples of news stories that were not only vastly circulated but that were often times cited in other publications as–the problem being that these stories were fake. 234 more words

Messing around with my thoughts, here's a little something...not much of anything...

I need that one last dance,

That one last glance,

That one last chance to hear…

That you know now what you lost,

That you know you paid the cost, 43 more words