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Even though I haven’t written much about it lately (as there was nothing new to write about), I still like this certain colleague of mine ( 317 more words


Summer Breeze

The fragrance of
your unknown presence
sifts through
the rusted chambers
of my forsaken soul
as the rippling curtains beckon
the soft hum
of yet another summer breeze

Confronting Life


In a land faraway lived a shadow of Doubt.
But one fine day it came home, never slept, always alert, always up and about.
It suffocated me everyday with its power and might. 114 more words

Poor Britney, that'd drive me crazy too.

For some reason this article on Britney Spears has dragged me down into a peculiar mood. It’s an interesting, well written article that delves into the interlocking clockwork that was constructed in order to keep a massive, ailing public figure afloat. 612 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

What Is The Bible?

Ever since grappling with the exegesis of Genesis 1 – 3 a while ago, I have been led to certain skepticism of my presuppositions about the Bible. 272 more words


Teenagers are allowed to be assholes. It's a right of passage.

When did I become such a sponge for mourning?

I remember being so callous as a teen. It was almost a point of pride, how I could wade through the fetid mire of the world so disaffected. 652 more words


choose connection, not comparison

it is easy to focus on what we aren’t.

there are many blogs out there on simplifying + living a minimalist life, + more of them appear every day. 336 more words

Inspiration + Motivation