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Jealous of the woman who has no face,

who has no name;

a rival I created from my own imaginings.~


Once more on "Dishonest Doubts"

“Nine-tenths of the time when some smart aleck starts in on theological questions he’s only trying to put me in a false position, and I’m just too old to see the joke in it anymore.” -Marilynne Robinson, said by character John Ames in Gilead.


I’ve been having the blues the past few days. Luckily, I know exactly why and how it was triggered. Last week, a person who seemed to have good intentions reached out to me. 770 more words

A shout for hope, optimism and positivity on a tough day.

I’m a vulnerable person. And I’m sensitive. I take things to heart and I pay too much attention to other people opinions – especially if they’r opinions about me. 431 more words

My Life


But then again, you only live once…

So I will make the most of my days

It’s up to me to find all the ways… 154 more words


Confronting and Fighting My Insecurities 

Everyday I have to convince myself I am not incompetent. Seriously, I’ve had to write a list of 10 empowering affirmations and stating that I am intelligent is one of them all because of negative, hurtful, demeaning, belittling, comments and suggestions made in the past. 776 more words