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Building On Happiness

The passage of time coupled with perchance interactions, have ways of presenting answers to questions we may not even be aware we’ve asked. The answers aren’t always worthy of celebration nor what we want to hear or see; however, when the information gleaned is unexpectedly joyful it can affect one’s perspective in delightfully life-affirming ways. 514 more words

Chronic Pain

Unanswered Questions

You might think that answering questions of a two year old kid is easy and doesn’t need much logic.

But, how do you explain to him why a certain person is not at a certain place where he is always been there since he can remember or connect things? 46 more words

Daily Blogs

madly on

I stopped living out of my suitcases yesterday. These small steps of mine need to get a little speedier, I think.

I stopped living out of my suitcases, and then I flew the peace flag. 48 more words


Comparison with ideals

What is this problem that we compare ourselves with others? I mean isn’t me/ myself enough?

I can relate myself on this problem, because I do this every day without even realizing it until I start to ask myself, no not even ask, but blame myself on things like – why I don’t have a body/hair/nails like hers, or why I don’t have the money to spend on things that I don’t even need. 232 more words


Talking Bird

There’s nothing to worry about. A question is a cage.
A question, once
tolerated, scavenges for

An answer. Crumbs for an insatiable
unstable inconsolable talking… 33 more words


Secrets and Shame

Dear Caroline,

This letter is a long time coming. I’m still not sure whether I want to password protect it or not. I guess I’ll decide when I’m done, when I’ve said it. 1,309 more words


Scars and Bruises

Dear Caroline,

I tried to write you last night. I really wanted to. The urge to put words down, let them spill out, was too great. 344 more words