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What's On My (crazy, messy) Mind These Days

Grad school, how I should work out, how I should eat better, how good that giant pancake that I had for breakfast tasted, why I drink coffee when I’m already anxious, whether or not I’m a good writer, how am I almost a senior, why are the seniors leaving, when am I going to blog, when I am going to clean my room, why do I have so much stuff, what does privilege really mean, how are we going to save the world… 367 more words

Thoughts On Life

Dildinosaurs and rapping professors. What else is new here?

Are there any rappers out there called Will-Da-Beast? What about Ry-No or Ape-raham? I guess I just like the melding of wild animals and street smart ethos, primarily because I love using the phrase “urban jungle”. 465 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

With God, There is NO _____________

SOURCE:  Tolle Lege/J.C. Ryle

The pillow of God’s omnipotence” by J.C. Ryle

“Let us mark, in the third place, the mighty principle which the angel Gabriel lays down to silence all objections about the incarnation. 309 more words

Spiritual Growth-Transformation


I lost everything in a single night. I watched helplessly as people who were closed to me moved on, how happy they are with their new life and I was no longer a part of them. 107 more words



After every natural disaster, and every man-made disaster, for that matter, it is common to hear the question, “Why did God do this?” Or, “Why did God allow this to happen?” I think both questions are asked for the same reason. 425 more words


Going into teaching: Am I crazy?

This weekend I was at a friend’s birthday when I was introduced to a teacher who has been in the field for 20 years. Granted, I was a little tipsy. 405 more words