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Soul of Man 2/5

Infinite Way Letter

February 1956

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 2 of 5


Part Two

God, the Soul of man, speaks to the listening ear as Soul unto Soul, as Heart unto Heart: never more shalt thou fear. 1,206 more words



Battling the prodigious siege of misfortune,
breathing in
the only legitimate reason to suffer,
I struggle for expression
as I recite
the improvised monologue
inside my head.


An open letter to my not so genuine friend…

In the harsh reality of the world, I had found a friend. Whether you gave compliments in front of me or talk behind my back, remember my friend, I consider you a pal but that doesn’t guarantee of you having my trust and fidelity. 638 more words

Winter's Burdern

The coats of glistening white arms…

bitter breaths, loosing charm.

Tapped buckets of luck

running in place on  lakes of thin ice.

From fragile to frigid…

56 more words

I wait for him

I wait for him in pauses.
In the rhythmic silence
when dusk dissolves
into the darker side of night.

I wait for him,
in the overshadowed moments… 24 more words

Confronting Life

Disseminating wrong in Formation.

Right wing pundits trawling for traffic by claiming that Beyonce’s Superbowl half time performance was racist are absurd. No, I’m not gonna link to them and give them traffic. 630 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Doubts About Life 

Sometime last night my mind filled up with thoughts of doubt. I questioned my choice of wanting to be an author, some may say I am one but I sure don’t feel like one; whatever that’s suppose to feel like. 504 more words

Life Of Pain