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Even Though

So although Jesus loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, he stayed where he was for the next two days. (John 11:5-6)

Read: 2 Kings 23:29-30, 2 Chronicles 35:20-27, Jeremiah 47:1 – 48:47, Zephaniah 2:8 – 3:20… 424 more words

Daily Walk

Second Book Doubts

Now that I’m writing the second book of my Half-Blood Series, I have somehow reverted back to the first time I ever wrote. I feel like I don’t know what I am doing. 429 more words


Fledgling Moment

We’ve got a choice,
All of us,
Stood on the precipice
Waiting on the edge of eternity
Ready to step out into the void.
We can choose to fall… 39 more words


moon phases

TW: self-doubt, invalidation, PTSD, abuse

I was feeling pretty sad today. I tried to be cheerful, but I failed. Bluey, my new little betta fish, won’t eat her food (I didn’t know that was normal), my electric kettle seems to be broken (it was some little thing with the outlet), and I was running behind schedule even though I woke up on time today (okay, nothing to say about that one). 1,702 more words

Seated in the Heavenlies

Another beautiful poem from another Dawn (i.e., not me, the non-poet).  She prefaces with these words as an encouragement:

“I pray it sparks in you the courage (if you need it) to be raw and real in your spiritual journey, whatever you believe and whatever your heart towards God at this moment.” 527 more words

Other Stuff

Zen Questa

The village was just a little settlement of some thirty odd houses; well, this is what you would assume if you ever happen to be on the road just nudging that village, leading further to the capital a few hundred miles away. 1,011 more words


Moving Abroad? Are You Crazy?!

That is seriously the response that almost everyone gave me when I told them that I was thinking about moving to Spain.

Spain: the land of sun and siestas, flamenco and futbol, tapas and wine, botellon and parties until 6 am, and honestly, just a better quality of life. 405 more words