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An Open Letter to Matt Lauer

Dear Matt Lauer,

Remember when you were in the news about a decade ago for wearing “mom jeans”?  Man, do I remember how people mocked you for those high waisted, faded, frumpy jeans.  266 more words


Hey Nice Guys

Fuck you. You can’t get a girl because your personality sucks, you’re ugly, you’re way out of your league, or a combination of all three. You all suck. 395 more words


Boys Go to Jupiter to Get More Stupider

It’s a struggle man. Probably the biggest struggle of trying to adult.  Trying to decide if you want to adult alone and be a strong independent woman, or marry a tall dark and handsome man(probably just an average guy with a good job). 948 more words


Let the Ignoring Begin

Okay seriously? Why does this always happen to me? Now I haven’t heard from mr tall and handsome since my flirtatious text last night. I was thinking maybe he fell asleep? 180 more words

Massengill Party of one

If you send me threats or just straight up rude messages, expect me to refer to you as Massengill and explain to you that the tampons are located in the pharmacy at Walmart. 58 more words