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Wife Beaters in the White House

Domestic Violence appears to be more of a prerequisite for cabinet members and staffers in the Trump Administration, rather than a dis-qualifier. And with 40% of Trump Administration staff have still not having security clearances from the FBI, the most recent resignation is not likely to be the last. 1,860 more words


These Two Douche Bags

Yesterday I stumbled upon two serious douche bags. I was getting work done at the Starbucks on the Post Road in Fairfield Connecticut, and these douche bags introduced themselves to the room by stomping up the stairs (it’s a two-floor establishment) while one of them boomed to the other, “Yeah my divorce lawyer is a real bitch.” 1,159 more words

Open Relationships and Why They're Ruining my Life

I know it’s been a while, but I’m back and don’t worry, I still have outrageous opinions and stories!

Throughout my years of using Tinder and… 425 more words

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One of Those Gays

Gay people are oppressed, that’s known (hopefully), but did you know that there is discrimination within the gay community? I’ve heard so many times “oh, you’re one of those gays”… what does that even mean? 548 more words

Gay Blogger

How not to get into a relationship ❌

My personal experience dictates that a relationship must not be entered without a thought or based on immediate feelings of tempting lust. My first relationship (that’s just the only one I had) taught me the importance of knowing a person you think you’re going to want to be in love with. 678 more words

More adventures aboard Blue Tug

Living on a sparsely populated island can be difficult at times. When the forecast calls for ten days of rain, it could really get some people down. 56 more words