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Tales from Adland's front: "Your idea is so bad it will cause Armageddon!"

“Save us from Steff’s terrible idea!”

Well into my first job at Leo Burnett, I experienced a situation that at first sucked all the life out of me and then later swooshed it back in. 466 more words


Dating in your 30s...

is annoying. But so was dating in my 20s. And if I’m still dating around in my 40s…which is around the corner by the way…I’m going to punch someone in the throat. 231 more words

What's The Deal With...

Dear, Donald Trump - You're A Tool

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” –Donald Trump on John McCain

I know, Donald, you have a lot on your plate with your “presidential run” and coming up with insults that sound like something a preschooler would come up with, but, I think you may have hit a new low. 162 more words


I have nothing.

Six words I hate:  “The Government requires this of us.”  Five words:  “Will the defendant please stand.” And C:  “Fill this out.” 1,224 more words


Jeff Phillips: Bryson's Mom

Remember that guy back there? The one at the bend, where the pier becomes the breakers. The one that pretended to be goofy, friendly, with beer on his breath, that asked “can I get some hi-fives up in here?” and you thought, why not be friendly. 988 more words


Entrepreneurial Mistakes

Yesterday, we conducted a session on entrepreneurial mistakes at our coworking space. I am sharing the 15 pointers that we talked about for the larger benefit of people who just RSVPed despite telling them that there is a form to be filled, people who filled the form and didn’t turn up and people who kept asking questions if they could attend or not over phone and e-mail and also didn’t turn up. 235 more words