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Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

This morning, I did some quick brainstorming ideas for your last minute costume rush!

1. Overzealous Sports Fan: just wear your favorite team’s jersey and paint your face. 350 more words


Where have all the good men gone? Part 1...

I have been working diligently on a post about the good men and finding where they have all gone to. I say this because us women never stop talking about how impossible it is to find a good one. 213 more words


Entry #9

Joey annoys me so much. I try so hard to keep the convo going but eventually I have to stop after so many times. The least he could do is make an effort too; I mean come on you are the one who texted me right? 55 more words


Post #154 - Conversation With A Mega Douche Bag!

For years, I’ve heard certain men being referred to as Mega Douche Bags, my husband chief among them. But let me clarify. Mega Douche Bags work for Mega Bank where I was employed until a couple of weeks ago. 1,221 more words

True Stories

Tales from Adland's front: "Your idea is so bad it will cause Armageddon!"

“Save us from Steff’s terrible idea!”

Well into my first job at Leo Burnett, I experienced a situation that at first sucked all the life out of me and then later swooshed it back in. 466 more words


Dating in your 30s...

is annoying. But so was dating in my 20s. And if I’m still dating around in my 40s…which is around the corner by the way…I’m going to punch someone in the throat. 231 more words

What's The Deal With...

I have nothing.

Six words I hate:  “The Government requires this of us.”  Five words:  “Will the defendant please stand.” And C:  “Fill this out.” 1,224 more words