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Sony Fanboys, the worst kind?

I previous wrote about the Sony fanboys being the worst, this is a follow on rant. Understand, as a Sony user, this is the one thing that frustrates me, and there isn’t that much to complain about with Sony. 914 more words



Twenty days later, and I already have more to rant about. It’s still going to be a little all over the place, but it will remain around the topic of college. 1,221 more words


"All Views Are My Own" (Yeah, Right!)

A heuristic;  Anyone that has written “All views are my own”, on their Twitter account or blog (or anywhere for that matter) has nothing original to say. 134 more words


Golf course hotel

Another hotel for work.  I stay here a couple times each month.  It has a golf course and small convention center.

It’s the same freak show every time.  324 more words



I told myself after my last breakup I wasn’t going to date.

I lied to myself SHOCKER right. Now let me get this out now. 236 more words

Online Diary

douche bag gym

(I occasionally work out a my local gym.  I can’t seem to go more than twice a week because I’m a mediocre man.  A better man works out 4-5 times a week, but that’s not me.) 395 more words


Measuring the fish in the dating pool

We all know that fishermen need to measure the size of the fish they catch to decide whether they eat it or throw it back in. 349 more words