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How not to get into a relationship ❌

My personal experience dictates that a relationship must not be entered without a thought or based on immediate feelings of tempting lust. My first relationship (that’s just the only one I had) taught me the importance of knowing a person you think you’re going to want to be in love with. 678 more words

More adventures aboard Blue Tug

Living on a sparsely populated island can be difficult at times. When the forecast calls for ten days of rain, it could really get some people down. 56 more words

Animal abuse, MTV & Siesta Key

Well, damn, you mean just because you delete a picture or video from your phone it doesn’t disappear forever?????

Take a look at this picture on the left.  195 more words


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These kids are assholes. Thanks MTV for putting one of them on your shitty "reality" show Siesta Key. Well done

Dog the Bounty Hunter in Bradentucky

HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT…………………. this is going to be huge. Dog the Bounty Hunter is again coming to Bradentucky.

Dog and his oddly gigantic breasted wife Beth will be speaking at the Source church in east Bradenton. 262 more words


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Sweet Mullet and Boob sandwich

Cutting Glass

We are in the middle of another cold snap with tempatures averaging -15 c.  Not the coldest we’ve seen this winter, but still fucking cold.  When I arrived at work today and walked up to my office, I was greeted with COLD.   597 more words