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So I’ve been hearing about how tequila is the only alcohol that is not a depressant.

I googled it… Seems legit. I’m testing this theory as I’m blogging now. 47 more words


This is what happens when you drunk Tinder

Last year in an effort to continue with my streak of making bad decisions, I allowed myself to be peer pressured into joining Tinder.  Yes, my friends, I found myself in the vortex of swiping left and right.   566 more words

Just A Thought

Watch "Meghan Trainor - NO" on YouTube

This song should be a PSA to all the dumb dudes who just don’t get it. Thank you Meghan Trainor for always keeping it real 💯😄

Life Lessons

When Your Friend Comes Back From Traveling, And Is Actually A Major Douche Bag

We all hear this bullshit about friends that go traveling to Asia for a month and come back changed people. But fucking Dan* won’t stop going on about how no one has really “experienced life” until they’ve been living in the ditches of Laos or whatever he did for fun. 484 more words

Dating, Marriage, Kids and Tinder, Douche Bags, Fuck Boys

All of my friends are either in a serious relationship, getting married, or having kids, and I’m still single as ever. I am honestly jealous of all of them, wishing that I was in a serious relationship right now. 1,658 more words

Keith Gessen

Does he who fights douche bags become inevitably something of a douche bag.
– Keith Gessen

Gessen, K. (2008). All the sad young literary men. New York: Viking.


Closet Romantic stuck in Hookup Culture

Dating sites are meant to open our dating pool. To expose us to possible matches we otherwise would have never even run into.

Well… it also exposes you to all the disgusting players out there. 126 more words