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Screw You, Too, May 10th

It’s springer than a motherfucker here in Chicago, and like the eager trees and flowers lining the city’s streets, the douchebags are in full bloom after only a few days of sunshine. 993 more words

Party Time

Spring Vacation

As in, “spring is on vacation and winter is subbing for the rest of the week”. Gotta love Wisconsin.

Yes, we’re getting snow right now. It’s supposed to be spring, but it looks like Wisconsin didn’t get the memo. 192 more words

And Now For Something Completely Different

Noice: For When You Need To Sound Like You Care More Than You Actually Do.

Noice Start!

This year has been off to an odd herky-jerky, chuggy sort of start. Minor sickness, minor injuries, minor woes keep interrupting the routines. None of these are anything to get upset or worried about. 357 more words


Wit Contra Sarcasm (Contra Douchebaggery)

Wit is hard to get.  Just as you think you get wit, they’ll come around and change what wit is.  Suddenly, what you thought was wit, is no longer it, and what is wit, will sound to you like a pile of shit! 585 more words


Trigger Warning

You know, when it came to spouses, I think I got pretty lucky.

If I had to put up with me, I would either run for the hills, or drop a piano on my head (although where I’d get a piano, or get it airborne, is a puzzler). 604 more words

A History of Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona, where mighty rivers go to die.

Phoenix is a giant sandy sponge that soaks up all the fresh water from 5 states.  The Salt and Verde rivers bring water from northern Arizona and New Mexico and run dry 30 miles short of Phoenix.     1,877 more words


A Bullshit Marketing Report

To: The marketing department for Lewis Black and his F.U.C.K.U (Frustrated Union of Cynical Kindreds Universal) Fan Club

From: KieranBullshit.com

Subject: Disappointing Results

We regret to inform you that your marketing efforts are failing — for us.   382 more words