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Trigger Warning

You know, when it came to spouses, I think I got pretty lucky.

If I had to put up with me, I would either run for the hills, or drop a piano on my head (although where I’d get a piano, or get it airborne, is a puzzler). 602 more words

A History of Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona, where mighty rivers go to die.

Phoenix is a giant sandy sponge that soaks up all the fresh water from 5 states.  The Salt and Verde rivers bring water from northern Arizona and New Mexico and run dry 30 miles short of Phoenix.     1,826 more words


A Bullshit Marketing Report

To: The marketing department for Lewis Black and his F.U.C.K.U (Frustrated Union of Cynical Kindreds Universal) Fan Club

From: KieranBullshit.com

Subject: Disappointing Results

We regret to inform you that your marketing efforts are failing — for us.   365 more words


Casual Racism at the Post Office

The Bear and I went to get our passports renewed. His nametag said Bob. Bob was efficient, thorough and a mother fucking racist.

He wasn’t wearing a hood or driving a Dodge Charger with a confederate flag; he was just mumbling while he worked. 742 more words

Political Correctness

Flat Head

After 57 years of surviving on this planet, I just found out, I’m deformed.

Well that’s not entirely true, in the 1980’s the Bear pointed out that I had a problem. 545 more words


The N-Word

I love dirty words.  Nothing can convey raw emotion and add meaning like throwing a few fucks or shits into the conversation. (For fuck’s sake, I wrote a whole blog on… 901 more words


The Metamorphosis -- Bullshit Style

Jesus was sitting with him at the bar in the Third World Club when the first signs of a metaphorical exoskeleton started to cover the  941 more words

Tennis Teams