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MetalSucks, RABM & Other Cancers

In the latest proverbial turd, formed from the fibers of thought control and directionless hacktivism to be squeezed out of the asshole of existence and into the toilet that is the 2010s, everyone’s favorite journalistic punching bag (with good reason) MetalSucks continue their crusade against artistic expression and fun by giving us… 1,389 more words


(Re)Pete: Why the latest news on Pete Rose’s degradation shouldn’t affect his HoF chances.

So, old friend Pete Rose is back in the news. The all-time hit leader, games played leader, at bats leader, player-manager, gambler, liar and all-around scoundrel is now in the eye of a… 780 more words


Well, It Took Them Long Enough...

It seems that China has banned Justin Bieber. For reasons. Most of them absolutely legitimate. Like bad behavior.

Considering that this is the exact same guy who  35 more words

And Now For Something Completely Different

The Current Top Five List of Giant Bags

Otherwise known as the Douchebag Hall of Fame, As you know, this blog pays attention to people who are big douchebags. Some of these people are well accomplished. 845 more words


But Wait! There's More!

Remember that viral Facebook post from that theater in Alabama? Well, it made it to The Friendly Atheist. And it gets even stranger.

First of all: the Facebook post in question was seemingly deleted. 69 more words