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Anal Douching

To many, the idea of Anal Sex is disgusting, or dirty, because the Anus is where shit come out. So invariably, you’re going to get in touch with faeces. 336 more words


Vagina Misconceptions - What Is Da Truth?

Imagine being a woman and NOT knowing the truth about your own sexual health? Shoutout to Twitter ¬†platforms for making us even more uncomfortable about our good ole’ lady business. 346 more words

Feminine Hygiene Tips for Every Woman

So we all talk about fashion, style, beauty crimes, makeup, skincare, hairstyles, lifestyle choices and many other topics, but we hardly talk about personal feminine topics, like feminine hygiene care. 660 more words

Fashion And Style Police


A sacrament of purification to anoint my vagina to cleanse secretions rinsing the blood and the sperm away. The drugstore sold solutions of cherry, peach and strawberry.   187 more words