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Revealed: The 7 Common Sex Myths that All Should Know

We live in the age where information is easily accessible to all of us. Unfortunately, we are prone to the wrong information as well especially if it deals with… 604 more words


Women who douche are almost twice as likely to get ovarian cancer

Women who douche almost double their risk of developing ovarian cancer, a national U.S. study shows.  Prior studies have linked douching, or vaginal washing with a device, to yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancies.   136 more words


Vagina Misconceptions - What Is Da Truth?

Imagine being a woman and NOT knowing the truth about your own sexual health? Shoutout to Twitter  platforms for making us even more uncomfortable about our good ole’ lady business. 346 more words

Feminine Hygiene Tips for Every Woman

So we all talk about fashion, style, beauty crimes, makeup, skincare, hairstyles, lifestyle choices and many other topics, but we hardly talk about personal feminine topics, like feminine hygiene care. 658 more words

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