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1985 All-Stars of Magic Charity Event Photo

The 1985 picture is certainly one of the more famous pictures in terms of magic all-stars.

Organized by Lance Burton and Fielding West, this one night only event featured a who’s who of magic to raise money for hunger in Africa.  60 more words

Doug Henning

Merv Griffin Photo-Doug, Burt Reynolds, and the Maharishi

The rare above photo features Doug on the Merv Griffin show in Autumn of 1977. Sitting with Doug is the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and…Burt Reynolds. While I have not seen this particular appearance, my guess is that a discussion about Transcendental Meditation was on everyone’s lips that day.  32 more words

Doug Henning

"Magic Show" Movie Newspaper Articles and Ads

The newspaper articles below represent the time when Doug made a live filmed version of “The Magic Show.”

Meant to be an accurate recreation of the famed musical, this production was plagued by legal and funding issues which never allowed it to live up to its potential as a proper motion picture. 154 more words

Doug Henning

At Home with Amy Sedaris- Lance Henning Appearance

Comedian Amy Sedaris and Doug Henning are two names you probably wouldn’t think of as going hand in hand. But, Amy and “Lance” Henning recently cooked up some “magical” dishes on a recent episode of  TruTv’s “At Home with Amy Sedaris.” 26 more words

Doug Henning

Doug Henning Marionette

I came across this unique item recently, and just had to put it up.

Made by puppet builder Darren Moreash, the marionette itself is a one of a kind item where Doug’s personality shines through 1000%! 29 more words

Doug Henning

1986 Providence Performing Arts Ctr. Ad

Recently Michael Whitecar was kind enough to pass on this item from his collection to me. I had been wondering what the year may have been for this appearance, but I suspected it was from Doug’s last and smaller tour.  50 more words

Doug Henning

1985 Saturday Night Live Sketch-Martin Short as Doug

To make your weekend even better I thought I’d post a link to this vintage Saturday Night Live sketch from January 12, 1985. In it, Billy Crystal plays Joe Franklin hosting, appropriately, “The Joe Franklin Show.” 53 more words

Doug Henning