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Day 256

Yesterday, I talked about “popping boxes”. Here’s what a partial skid of popped boxes looks like, with five of seven layers complete.

Another brewery task I was quickly introduced to was washing kegs, identical to washing kegs at the college, except that this keg washer only washes one keg at a time instead of two. 279 more words


Day 224

Today was “Hump Day”: completing exams two and three out of five means we’re over the hump and heading downhill.

First up was Packaging. When the first of us arrived at the tasting lab–not that we needed the tasting lab for this exam, it just happened to be our scheduled exam room for Packaging–we discovered that Doug Pengelly had just finished proctoring an exam for the 2nd-year students. 221 more words


Day 218

Instead of a Microbiology Lab today, we had a lecture about cleaning: manual cleaning (a stiff-bristled brush and a lot of elbow grease) versus auto-cleaning (press a switch). 297 more words


Day 211

Some more shuffling of classes late in the semester. Today instead of a microbiology lab, Mark Benzaquen presented a microbiology lecture. Today’s topic was all about cleaning and sanitizing–why we clean, what detergents are often used, their advantages and disadvantages, and ditto for sanitation. 297 more words


Day 205

Having an accurate idea of how many yeast cells you are pitching into your wort–and what percentage is alive–is pretty important. In Microbiology Lab today, we learned how to count yeast. 584 more words


Day 192

Sometimes there might be some obnoxious microscopic critters swimming around in your beer, but if none of them happens to be swimming in the single small droplet that you pull from the beer, then you will never know. 300 more words


Day 185

An interesting time in Packaging today. Doug Pengelly arrived with a bunch of hardware, and we put together four single-tap draught systems.

Unfortunately they were attached to kegs of carbonated water, not beer. 204 more words