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Links between evolutionary theory and feminism

According to Libby Anne’s critique of Doug Phillips:

Societal acceptance of the theory of evolution did not in any way lead to feminism, nor is there any reason it should have.

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Why HSLDA Finds the Proverbial Village Threatening

The following is an excerpt from R.L. Stollar’s “Children as Divine Rental Property: An Exposition on HSLDA’s Philosophy of Parental Rights.” You can read the paper in full here… 2,796 more words


Windsor prof served as envoy to Zambian president and inspired City of Roses

(William G. Phillips 1921 – 2015)

Bill Phillips was a well-respected administrator at the University of Windsor, a reserved, thoughtful professor of economics with a rather unusual sideline of discreetly helping shape the future of an emerging African nation. 781 more words

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Letter to a Brother in Christ

The following is a letter I wrote to a gentleman who encountered my interactions with Doug Wilson and those discussing the Steven Sitler and Jamin Wight abuse cases and wrote to ask me a couple of questions. 1,785 more words


The Duggar's Family cult, 19 Kids and counting ......their bubble is about to burst!

I first wrote this post back in June 19th, 2014, and was not finished with it, but now with the sad news of Josh Duggar, it is important to note that it took only a matter of time before the truth was to come out.  572 more words


Patriocentricity Is Broken

I’m reasonably certain that anyone even remotely interested in reading Scarlet Letters, has heard about the recent child molestation scandal surrounding Josh Duggar. Oceans of digital ink have already been spilled over this story, asking and re-asking the same questions. 936 more words


What do all these guys have in common? It’s not the gospel.