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Another Purge, More Melodrama at The Cornerstone Forum

Not long ago, Gil Bailie was considering a run for public office. But voters beware. If he were to run an administration anything like he runs his… 2,197 more words

Roman Catholicism

The Cornerstone Forum Silences Critics

Just beneath the calm surface of Gil Bailie’s Facebook page for The Cornerstone Forum (TCF), the waters are roiling. Bailie, a paleo-conservative Catholic whose life and career have become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the magisterium, uses TCF as a Gatling gun against all those perceived “enemies” of Catholicism gathered outside the walls: homosexuals, pro-choicers, secularists, and especially the more moderate Catholic voices, the voices of protest and reform. 1,786 more words

Same-sex Marriage

Joseph Backholm's Greatest Fear

Like many other GLBTs who follow the debates on same-sex marriage (SSM), I’ve often suspected that the professional marriage traditionalists are not leveling with us about what really drives their concerns. 1,475 more words

Marriage Equality

Reading a Text of Persecution: William Tucker's Defense of Bullying

Or: How to Create a Major Dust-up at The Cornerstone Forum

Sometimes a social networking conversation can develop into something truly revelatory. The following conversation occurred last week on Gil Bailie’s Facebook page for… 4,983 more words

Marriage Equality

A Response to Thomas Sowell's "Occupy and the Moral Infrastructure"

Thomas Sowell, writing for The National Review Online, claims the Obama administration has granted the Occupy movement immunity from the law and opened the gates to anarchy, barbarism, and civilizational collapse. 393 more words

Gil Bailie

We Are All Nuns. We Are All Same-Sex Couples Wanting to Marry.

Roman Catholic feminist theologian Mary E. Hunt boldly challenges the Vatican’s current crackdown on the Church’s nuns:

When it comes to the Vatican’s crackdown on women religious, I believe it’s time to declare that for the purpose of this struggle: 

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Marriage Equality

When Dogma Becomes Prejudice

A fascinating exchange between Will Saletan, Ross Douthat, and Andrew Sullivan on the “fit” between gay relationships and the “Christian view of sexuality:”

Andrew’s argument: 283 more words

Marriage Equality