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I’ve created this simple donut recipe and it’s a success. It comes out tasty and soft even the next day. Dipping donuts? It’s just because you have to dip this donut in icing sugar, chocolate sauce, etc. 188 more words

Chocolate Donuts With Creamy Chocolate Frosting (Dairy Free Option)

Chocolate Donuts With Creamy Chocolate Frosting (Dairy Free Option)

Berry Donut/Doughnut Kebab Recipe

If you are looking for something fun for this years 4th of July party, then look no further! I was thinking about what to make for this weekend and instantly thought of strawberry shortcake. 249 more words


Chocolate Peanut Butter Donut/Doughnut Recipe

Reese’s lovers, this one is for you!  If you like peanut butter, which I think applies to anyone who isn’t allergic to it, then you’ll like this recipe!   281 more words


Apple Crisp Donut/Doughnut Recipe

Who doesn’t love apple crisp? Anddddd who doesn’t love donuts? Okay, great. So we’ve established that you are going to love this recipe, now all you have to do it try it! 349 more words


Foodie Mondays: Doughnuts Recipe

Hey guys! I’ve been on the hunt for the closest Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut recipe. I tried the first recipe I stumbled upon and it was BEYOND perfect! 233 more words

Coconut Key Lime Donut/Doughnut Recipe

Today’s 90 degree heat had me really day dreaming about summer (I’m a teacher, and we still have 3 weeks left). For some reason, all I could think of was key lime pie. 263 more words