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Rewards for Blantyre Hero

You may recall yesterday we covered a story about an unknown hero who saved a Springer Spaniel (Cosmo) in the River Calder near the Milheugh Falls, whilst it was flowing in full spate. 92 more words


The foggiest idea

Just a quick autumnal photo update! 

Thick fog in London this week… 

   Dougie enjoying the autumnal weather…


What’s everyone else been up to this Fall? Leave a comment below!

C x


Dancrs 5 Favourite Dance Moves

So we all have our favourite dance styles that we wack out when we hit the dance floor. So we thought we would give you a list of our favourite dance moves. 410 more words


Gee, what a great time we’re gonna have, hey! NOT! – 4th March 1998

Wednesday 4th I was very embarrassed in P.E. today. We were doing orienteering around the school grounds and because there were the usual 6 girls and only 6 of the lads doing it, Mr B paired us up. 322 more words


Freddie gave Emma his last Rolo – 2nd March 1998

Monday 2nd I got these photos off Rachael H today because she didn’t really want them. They’re not very good ones coz she was just finishing off the film. 216 more words


They seem to be joined at the mouth - 27th February 1998

Friday 27th Well, there were only 5 of us that went to the cinema, well, 4 really coz you may as well count Emma and Freddie as one coz they seem to be joined at the mouth at the moment! 173 more words


Dance Craze Cray

There is nothing that makes you feel more old when a kid references something that you don’t understand. You know, when you think the person had a stroke in saying something to you, but instead, you take note and look it up on Urban Dictionary later only to find out it’s something either extremely sexual or not at all what you thought. 826 more words