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The Boat: When Robbie Gets Shot

For the next thirty minutes, the four of them “play” their way down the trail—swinging on grape vines, pushing one another into pools of water while crossing the creek, throwing acorns at each other—until they finally reach a deserted road. 1,373 more words


The First Step is Admitting You Need Help


RHONY: Season 4, Episode 15: “Video Killed the Countess.”

Context: Sonja, Alex, and Ramona decide their dance moves need an update. Ladies, I couldn’t agree more. 125 more words


Twin Peaks episode 11 practices reverse psycho-dreamology

Once upon a time, Cooper loved cherry pie, then he forgot he loved cherry pie, so some wise spirits who live above a Convenience Store reminded him he loved cherry pie, thereby saving him from getting his head blown off by two gangsters.   453 more words


Dougie suggested that we should run away together – 15th & 17th January 2000

Saturday 15th Guess where I went tonight. Bloody LA Bowl again! I’m sick of the place! It was a bit better tonight cos more of us went. 690 more words


Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 6

There will be SPOILERS throughout this post.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my gripes last week with Part 5, an installment that I liked in the main, but which caused me frustration because I felt that the narrative was dawdling. 1,456 more words


I Love How You Love Me: Riding The Road To God Knows Where With Twin Peaks: The Return 'Part 5'

“You’re still with me. That’s good.” Sure, that was the nefarious Mr. C talking to himself–or really BOB–in the mirror of his prison cell, but I share the same sentiment. 1,942 more words

David Lynch