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They'll take the piss - 7th November 1997

Friday 7th We’ve got the soccer team sorted. Mr S, one of the P.E. teachers, is doing it at lunchtimes. We’ve all got to wear a black shirt, shorts, socks and a pair of studs. 104 more words


I quite like liking him - 6th November 1997

Thursday 6th Dougie wasn’t in school again today but Freddie was.

Emma said she and Hayley told Freddie about me having Ralph as my husband in… 449 more words


Great. Now Freddie thinks I fancy him. - 4th November 1997

Tuesday 4th I’ve had a pretty rough day today. Mum had a go at me this morning coz I refused to join Swing Band. She said I’m not going ton the trip to Paris unless I do. 397 more words


Dougie persuaded us into it - 8th November 1997

Saturday 8th It’s Freddie’s birthday! Emma said her dad could take us to the bonfire so I stayed at her house for tea. It was horrible! 769 more words


It’s not that obvious, is it? – 2nd November 1997

Sunday 2nd I’m going ice skating tomorrow and I’ve spent most of today at Emma’s planning it. This is what’s meant to happen:-


There was no point in asking Davis. Phew! – 30th October 1997

Thursday 30th

Boring this morning just waiting to leave for London. Freda phoned too asking if I wanted to go to The Cliff. I said I couldn’t coz I had to catch a train so she said she’d try and get some autographs from the players for me. 111 more words


Ralph is quite funny in his own sad little way – 27th October 1997

Monday 27th Well, that was another good day. I couldn’t sleep last night coz I was excited coz it was Emma, me, Dougie, Freddie and Ralph all going to… 1,447 more words