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Ed’s dressed as a woman! – 28th November 1997

Friday 28th I am so tired. I don’t know why coz I haven’t really done much. I’m probably getting a cold or summit coz I seem to be the only one that hasn’t at the moment! 736 more words


Ralph had been flirting with me – 27th November 1997

Thursday 27th Finally I think I’ve got to the bottom of this Ralph thing and at the bottom is Freddie.

I asked Emma at lunch to find out from Freddie exactly what started it all so she did. 383 more words


I wonder if Ralph does fancy me – 26th November 1997

Wednesday 26th I’ll update you on Ralph as I go thought the day coz quite a few things have happened boywise.

At registration, I noticed that Ralph hadn’t come up the stairs then I saw that his bike wasn’t there either. 402 more words


I’m all depressed now – 25th November 1997

Tuesday 25th I think Emma and Lizzie have gone and made things worse with Ralph. They had P.S.E. with him today and Lizzie said, “Tess fancies you”. 252 more words


Third Prize Legs 

Just a small update!

Last Sunday (19th) I was at a Wire Fox Terrier Rescue UK Fun Day. Located at Standon Green End Farm in Hertfordshire, there was a number of rounds to win a selection of prizes. 154 more words


We’ve got to get rid of the internet – 23rd & 24th November 1997

Sunday 23rd What a bastard! I’m talking about Freddie. He didn’t bloody well turn up! We phoned him eventually and he said he was babysitting. He could’ve phoned to tell us. 329 more words


“It’s Dougie on the phone for you. No joking!” – 22nd November 1997

Saturday 22nd Hold on, I’m just going to change pens. This one’s annoying coz it keeps changing colours. I’m back.

I spent most of the day at Emma’s. 486 more words