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Why the most important page you'll ever write is the first, and how to make it good

Picture the scene; you’re waiting for your date to arrive. This is your first time meeting them, and you’re sitting in a cafĂ© wearing, and looking, your best. 1,592 more words

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Spotlight on We Apologise for the Inconvenience's Pete Gibson

Pete Gibson is an actor based in the North West. He will be playing Douglas Adams in Mark Griffiths new play We Apologise for the Inconvenience… 691 more words


Chapter 13: Truman Gets Shot

When they finally got out of the woods, it was just after noon, and so very hot after Malabee Woods’s night-to-end-all-nights darkness.

“Excellent. We’re finally out of that awful place. 839 more words


#PoeticAnswers 84 - Why Is 42 The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Physicists and philosophers
Have pondered the expanse of
Life, the universe, and everything.
They have been searching for an answer like
Addicts about to crack while hunting for… 290 more words


The ship of fools.

Did you ever sees something so awful, something so bizarre, something done that is so completely lacking in the awareness that it has reached a level of vomit inducingly appalling that you are no longer sure whether you should laugh, cry or find a bucket? 622 more words



Who inspires you?

My top 5 list would be

  1. Jennifer – Hands down she is my rock, my inspiration and my motivator.
  2. Oscar Wilde – I love that he picks apart society and small talk with such ease.
  3. 87 more words

Day 19: Long time running

Fundy National Park, NB – Montreal, QC

Distance travelled: 1,000 km
Hours on the road: 13 h 00 min
Hours driving: 10 h 00 min… 618 more words

Cross Examining Canada