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The 1st Annual Thumb Toast to The Frood: No fire or bread heater required.

On Saturday, March 11th in honor of the birthday of Douglas Adams Thumb Toast to The Frood will be the annual Douglas Adams Birthday Tribute event hosted by Galactic Hitchhikers. 297 more words

Life, The Universe, And Everything

Cryptoquote Spoiler - 02/20/17

“If you try and take a cat apart to see how it works, the first thing you have on your hands is a non-working cat.” ¬† — ¬† Douglas Adams… 58 more words


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Typically I begin my reviews with what lead me to read the book in the first place. Looking back it is hard to nail down my first interactions with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 695 more words


Don't Panic!

This week I’m recommending a book I first read years ago, but to this day it makes me laugh. Mixing hilarity, adventure and science fiction, Douglas Adams wrote the world-famous Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in 1979. 192 more words


People talk. So do characters. I love well-crafted dialogue. I also enjoy writing dialogue. Sometimes, my first draft of a scene will be a string of spoken sentences back and forth. 545 more words


Douglas Adams -Prophet and seer, visionary of the post-modern world

For all those well-intentioned Americans  going into paroxysms of fury over their new President, here are some words of wisdom from Douglas Adams Рone of the great geniuses of the late 20th century. 321 more words


Shhh! Your brain works better in silence...

Silence – isn’t it great?

The chance to actually hear, nothing.

Douglas Adams wrote about a creature that discovered the ability to read people’s minds. 485 more words