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The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. –Douglas Adams

World Turtle Day and Towel Day

World Turtle Day
Did you know that most turtle species are threatened with extinction? Their shell can no longer protect them from today’s threats . To create awareness of this, guides will tell visitors about turtles, their biology and threat. 120 more words

Family Events

Overcoming the Allure of Efficiency

In a way, it’s in my blood.  My mother was born in Switzerland, and every time she executed any task with a high level of efficiency, say carrying six bags of groceries from the car instead of the more reasonable two, my father (from what is now Serbia) would grin and say, “You’re being Swiss.”  I’m not really sure if this was a compliment or a dig, but, even now, it’s the way I tend to operate.  479 more words


Is the Grass Greener?

Over 25 years ago, a Caribbean lobster told a mermaid that the seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake. I overheard this conversation, and after wondering why anybody would teach a lobster English I thought about this seaweed. 909 more words

Darius Benjamin

Douglas Adams - The Salmon of Doubt (2002)

Now that we’ve built computers, first we made them room-size, then desk-size and in briefcases and pockets, soon they’ll be as plentiful as dust—you can sprinkle computers all over the place.

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Douglas Adams - The Salmon of Doubt (2002)

An old sign on the main gate said BEWARE OF THE DOG, beneath which someone had scrawled, “Why single out the dog particularly?”



The glorious Chinese rule over Bengal has been hampered by law and order problems. This is due to the complete disrespect of native Bengalis for any form of regulation. 382 more words

Shovon Chowdhury