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Bruce goes to London Town

Oh yes, I’ve popped up to Lahndahn Tahn, not to see the queen but to drink copious amounts of cider. Today starts the last ever London Drinkers Beer & Cider Festival.  139 more words

Book: Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe, I was able to travel and soon moved to Salzburg Austria, working for a high tech firm. 526 more words



Creeping dread crouches in corners,
an unpleasant currency sensed by all;
new pioneers recall their ancestors
those who lived by both vigour and law.
They boldly name life’s possibilities… 46 more words


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The book was not easy to read at first. I was overwhelmed with the new terminologies and the unique style of writing. The author doesn’t pause to explain what’s going on. 515 more words


Douglas Adams

This is the second book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, written by Douglas Adams. As the story begins, we see the Heart of Gold travelling innocently through outer space, about to be decimated by the massive Vogon ship which is travelling behind it. 290 more words

Rapt with Wonder

“Mark , like most zoologists, tends to prefer animals to people anyway, but in this case I was with him all the way. It occurred to me that we had spent a day rapt with wonder watching the mountain gorillas, and being particularly moved at how human they seemed, and finding this to be one of their most engaging and fascinating features. 26 more words



I watched in awe as SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy, put a Tesla Roadster into an orbit that will see it visit Mars and then to cap it all recover two of the rocket assemblies in a perfectly synchronised landing.  676 more words