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Pair sentenced to penitentiary terms for plot to smuggle drugs into jail

When two Windsor drug dealers conspired to get their product into Windsor Jail, their chosen mode of transport was Kinder Surprise eggs hidden in another man’s rectum. 673 more words


Getting arrested to smuggle drugs into jail a common ploy

Windsor police say the man who allegedly stuffed an array of drugs into a body cavity, then purposely got arrested to smuggle them into Windsor Jail, is the latest example of an ongoing problem at the facility. 722 more words


I (sex)Robot

Sex. One of the most wonderful pastimes we ever discovered. With the right partner it can be amazing – and according to Douglas Hines, that right partner is a robot. 483 more words

News Of The Weird

Sex Robots are not for me...

Last night I watched “My Sex Robot” on TV3.

The programme showed us the world of three robot fetishists, and the sex robots and their inventors who are racing to be first on the marketplace with the first sex robot. 562 more words


After the Sex and the City shagger: More sex-themed cyber craziness

Christina Saunders was so
inspired by Sex and the City she set about doing the dirty stuff with a cool 1,000 men. We, in turn, have been inspired to take a look back at some of the other sex-themed cyber tales we’ve stumbled upon here at Metro. 352 more words


Sometimes I Just Shake My Head

I’m a big believer in free speech and our abilities as consenting adults to entertain ourselves however we see fit within the confines of our own homes.   486 more words


Sexy Robot Makes Waves at Adult Expo

I heard about Roxxxy the sex robot very recently but completely written off the phemomena as wishful thinking on the parts of perverts everywhere who truly desire AI for sexual gratification. 621 more words