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Lochside 21, 1979-2000, 50% - Douglas Laing's Old Malt Cask

Most Lochsides I’ve tried have been from 1981. Both Lochsides I’ve owned are from 1981. There are some older versions out there, but most of these were from before I was interested in whisky of this caliber. 350 more words


80s vs today whisky styles

The 1980s was a time of pac-man, tetris, Apple computers, big chunky jewellery, hair that defied gravity, caked on make-up, and some very bad pop hits. 297 more words


A Chance Evening With Douglas Laing

On 10th December, whilst rushing through the city of Chester to get some last minute inspiration for Christmas presents, I stumbled into a fine establishment on Watergate Street called… 853 more words


Tasting Notes: Douglas Laing: Invergordon 50 year Old 1964: Cask 2: Xtra Old Particular

Douglas Laing: Invergordon 50 year Old 1964: Cask 2: Xtra Old Particular (Scottish Single Grain Whisky: 50 Year: 43% ABV)

Visual: Watered down treacle to gold. 544 more words


Whisky 2015 -157-162

157 – Signatory Imperial 1995
White pepper, oranges, mulled wine, cloves, mineraly, heavy cream. Cream, cream, cream, dried fruits, xmas cake in summer, the final bite of a flap jack. 88 more words

Tomatin 20, 1993-2013, 51.5% - Douglas Laing's Old Particular

Tomatin is a distillery that has been on my radar for a couple of months now. I don’t know why I never paid attention to it before, but ever since I’m about to go visit them (in two weeks) I’ve been watching them. 324 more words


Whisky Review - Big Peat Xmas Edition 2015

Another day in October, another review of a whisky release for the holidays. This time, the latest annual edition of one of the few bottlings that actually admit it’s targeted at Xmas shoppers: Big Peat Xmas Edition and today it’s a review of their new 2015 edition. 198 more words

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