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MacArthur at War

Title:                      MacArthur at War

Author:                 Walter R. Borneman

Borneman, Walter R. (2016). MacArthur at War: World War II in the Pacific. New York: Little, Brown and Company… 1,028 more words

World War II

What Price Glory: To Conquer Hell

Review: To Conquer Hell: The Meuse-Argonne, 1918, by Edward G. Lengel
Holt, 2008. 491 pp.

When I started this book, I never thought to finish it, let alone review it. 835 more words

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Little Rock Look Back: Douglas MacArthur

On January 26, 1880, Douglas MacArthur was born in the Arsenal Building while his father was stationed at the Little Rock Barracks.  Though he left Arkansas a few weeks later when his father was transferred, he returned to his birthplace on March 23, 1952. 232 more words


Camels in the Old West

In 1891 two thirsty gold prospectors, Shep Searcy and Charlie Fisher, were drinking from a muddy puddle on the western fringes of Death Valley, California. A sixth sense alerted the pair to the fact that they had company. 772 more words


Unintended Consequences

Presidential historian Robert Dalleck has observed; “As the war came to an end in September 1945, Truman came under intense pressure to “bring the boys home.” Where he saw a need to “adjust the rate of the demobilization of our forces so we would be able to meet our new obligations in the world,” the public, led by many of the twelve million men in the armed forces and their families, insisted on the fastest possible release from service. 5,130 more words

Generals in the Political Mine Field

The general nodded absently, as if dismissing his driver. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. This was just getting better by the moment. It was precisely the kind of “serendipitous yet decisive axis of intersecting strategic forces” for which he had long prepared and on the foundation of which he had fashioned his ascent and tenure as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a tenure that was going quite well among his old conservative friends on the Hill.

704 more words
Cronatos Hybamper

The US role in carrying the Kuomintang to Taiwan and helping it to manufacture the image of a Leninist dictatorship there as "Free China"

Harvard University Press seems to have joined with the acutely anti-communist Hoover Institution (which is located in the middle of the Stanford University campus) to exculpate the Kuomintang government and army that was swept from mainland China after stockpiling weapons intended to fight against the Japanese invaders for use against the communists, whom Chiang Kai-Shek’s army had pressed north following his first white terror (in Shanghai in 1927). 1,293 more words