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Dougram Iron Foot Resin Model Kit 1/35

Searching around Wonderfestival in Japan, I’ve acquired a rare resin model kit. A 1/35 Scale Dougram Iron Foot Resin Model Kit. At their booth in Japan. 45 more words

Sci-Fi Resin

Dougram | K22G-7069 (1982)

I didn’t know the sun had fangs.
But it did, Dougram.

What a rubbish opening statement, like the weather. 143 more words


New tanks (Battletech).

I picked up a few new tanks and a fighter this weekend from the Value Village toy wall. I got one “YF-19” (the fake Stealth Fighter prototype that was making the rounds in the early ’90s), what I believe to be a pair of Korean Type -89 or -99 heavy tanks, and some kind of half-track (see pic). 617 more words


Not much to report today, still mucking through the early BT supplements cross-referencing shit with the newer books.
On the topic of replacing the ‘Mechs from earlier drafts, I’ve found that The Fox’s Teeth (the second “BT” supplement, also written for… 493 more words


Brief thoughts on new anime, recent anime, old anime.

So for the past four weeks, every Saturday I’ve been sitting down in front of the TV at 10:30 to watch Space Dandy.

Below the cut, some thoughts on that, a 2012 anime I’ve been getting back to, and some more thoughts on  1,934 more words


This is me crossing another dusty old robot show off my bucket list.


Long-time friends, followers, and readers probably recall my strong affection for Armored Trooper Votoms, a fifty-two episode mecha anime from Sunrise studio directed and created by one 

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